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Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Mono

Dear friends
I might not be regular on my blog for a few days. My bf is coming down. Since we don't stay in the same city, I would be very busy for a while. So, I'm coming up with a few posts. Let's see how many I manage to put up. This post is going to be a review of Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow mono which I like very much. Thats why I wanted to show you this inexpensive, so-pocket-friendly item.

Price: 99 INR
Quantity: 2.6 grams which is a good quantity for the price ( At least I think so)
There is no ingredient list.
What the company claims: all day,crease proof shadow.
My take:
The likes:
There is nothing too much to speak about. still I would like to piont out certain facts:
1) Comes very cheap as I have already mentioned.
2) The quantity is quite good.
3) I like the packaging This is perhaps the only flip cap container from Maybelline that doesn't let air to come in contact with the product.
4) The small packaging lets you slip the product in your travel back in case you are carrying a wee small kit.
5) I like the pigmentation. Not OTT yet, not so low or powdery like the products from the quad.
6) The shade i have got is called Pink Sunsation 403. Its a peach pink color suitable for everyday wear. has light golden shimmer but that is not really visible on the eye lids. But gives a nice sheen. I like to wear bright lips. So, I normally keep my eyes natural. This one freshens up my eyes in a jiffy.
7) The applicator is big enough and nice to hold in the grip.
8) If blended properly it stays on for quite some time even on my oily lids and without a base. I guess with an eye-base it would show up and stay put for a far longer period of time.

The dislikes:
Not too many over here you see.
1)  The applicator doesn't last long and tends to wear off.
2) Not a wide selection of shades although a wide selection is available abroad, only this one and the bronze one is available. But I have gifted the bronzes to my sister and a few friends of mine. I already have too many bronze shadows. So, didn't want any more. If you want the swatch let me know. I'll get it for you

Did you use this? How do you like this? Let me know for sure.


  1. i never thought of picking these up as maybelline have lot good quads with them..

    wat do u say they r better or these one?

  2. evn i never saw d mono 1s..

  3. Hey,I never saw these anywhere..would ask them now..plz swatch the bronze one..I guess I have to buy one of this this week as I have so many get togethers!!!

  4. Iv seen these around but i always tend to by the quads like anamika..is the quality like the quads or better?

  5. @ Anamika,Mehak and Pretty in colors: I covered that in point 5 of likes. :) :) The color pay off is definitely much betetr than the quad ones. I'm not happy with the quads as I think the dark colors as well as the lighter colors in the quads look very powdery and the color pay off is bad.
    @ Bhumika: Maybelline used to sell colored monos in a wide selection of colors.I've got a charcoal grey matte. But it has been discontinued. They had launched these two monos in stead. What a pity!

  6. well, i did not know such a product existed. thanks for letting us know. maybelline has always been my fav brand - inexpensive and good quality.can u tell me abt the other available shades? and did u buy this from kolkata?

  7. There are no other shades available apart from the peach and the bronze one. Referer to dislike no2 :) :)
    Yes, I got these from Kolkata only. Try this a the departmental stores or at the malls

  8. hey i dint know these existed, next on my list

  9. hahahah. Sure. Get hold of one. You'll like them

  10. sayani chatterjee14/3/11 1:10 pm

    where in kolkata do u get these?these have suddenly vanished from everywhere....i have been looking for them for more than a year now,please help

  11. Sayani. If you could tell me which part of Kolkata you live in, I could check with a few stores I know and let you know.

  12. sayani chatterjee15/3/11 12:49 pm

    I live in kankurgachi,I have checked in all lifestyle stores so thats of no use....I guess smaller stores might have them...HELP!

  13. sayani chatterjee15/3/11 12:59 pm

    If you know any stores in New Market too where shadow stylist and these monos are available not a problem,its a METRO ride away from my home!

  14. sayani chatterjee15/3/11 1:11 pm

    btw,tomai khub shundor dekhte...

  15. @ Sayani: Please wait for a few more days. I will check with the shops I know. i have already called one of those
    Thank you so much dear. I'm elated

  16. sayani chatterjee26/3/11 2:57 pm

    any luck nivedita?


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