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Maybelline Eye studio Vivid and Smooth pencil liner

This is one of my best buys and a full value for money product.I got these quite sometime ago and I use these almost regularly. Once, on my window shopping I located the newly launched pencils. I came back with the gold and the dark green one. After applying these I so loved them that I went back and got the rest. The lavendar one was a freebie and my sister gifted me the blue one. I had also received another white liner free, but I gave it away to my sister. Its an everyday use great product. let me review this
Price: 200 INR
Composition: Not listed
Shelf-life: 2 years
Quantity: Its a regular size eye-pencil

What I like:
I like so many things about these pencils
1) They are very smooth and goes over gliding without tugging my eye skin at all.
2) Texture wise it is great> It has a kind of wet texture initially or is it me who thinks so? After application it sets on and does not smudge at all. Its creamy texture is fit to use it as an eye-liner or even as an all over lid eye-shadow.
3)I tried using this as an eye-shadow and it worked great. It stayed on the entire day without creasing and fading very little. I was too happy with it..
4) it has good quantity of pigments. Not OTT though. A single application sets me off for the entire day.
5) A wise selection of colors. There are around 10 shades. I located a beautiful purple which I did not buy. There are also pinks and mauves but no black. :( I thought if there was a black available it would have been my HG black eye pencil. Poor me!
5) I used it on my lower lash-line and it did not sting me. Some have complained about the stinging sensation when used on the waterline. I do use the white on my waterline with no such problems as yet. May be it depends on how sensitive you are or may be the batch of products itself.
A light swatch with this color pay off

What I dislike:
There is really nothing that I dislike about this product.
1)But if you are planning to buy this solely as an eye-shadow it might be expensive that way.
2)I would have liked it better if there was a black available.
3) Some complained of stinging sensation when used on the lash line.
Shall I repurchase? I already did and would definitely buy the purple one when I have accumulated some more money and time again
Do I recommend? I strongly do. You won't be disappointed..


  1. i have been eyeing them

  2. I love these too & plan on buying more (I have purple, gold & dark grey). I really wish they had a black one. I found that really disappointing.

  3. hey, i have them too. btw, nivedita,i mailed u. plz do check it....

  4. I have the green 1 and i love it so much. No it doesnt sting my eyes- i got sensitive eyes and yes i too miss the black one :(

  5. i've heard so much about these. But never got around to actually buying them. Definitely going to buy these the next time.

  6. I've question. Can you sharpen it?

  7. I have a light pink in it and though i dont use it often but it is really good :) soft and a creamy texture :)

  8. @ Rentu: you won't regret buying. A promise
    @ Poohkie: how can we desist loving them?
    @ bulbul: I love the shades you have. I had read your wonderful review.
    @ beautydiva; Then, is there any inconsistency in the product quality?
    @ ladylavender: Let me know what shades you got if you buy them. May be I would want to buy the same shades too.
    @ Doel: Yes. I do sharpen them with regular camel sharpners. You have to hold the pencil tight and sharp steadily. I don't sharpen a lot. But I do. The best sharpners I find are available at Gariahat footpath stalls. They sell a kind of very very cheap lip liners. I won't call them even amake up because color pencils are costlier. They come with sharpners. The sharpners are really nice. I bought two or 3 of those oencils at 10 rupees each. Threw away the pencil and kept the sharpner instaed. :D :D
    @ Suma: yes, and they set on very beautifully

  9. i will chk out the purple one..!:D


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