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Nivea Caregloss and Shine

Well, I found surprisingly less number of reviews when it comes to Nivea. So, I decided to come up with this post. When this gloss was launched, I had an eye on it. It was available in two variants. Pink and peach. There are other variants available now too. I wanted this very much and one day I was talking to my boyfriend . Next time we went out he gifted it to me. *blush* *blush*. That was a surprise. He actually pampers me a lot. He has bought me too many lippies :P. I'll come up with reviews and stuff. Again, it was him who took much interest in my starting of this blog. He actually named my blog. Anyway. This is a quick review as I'm in a hurry to meet him today and I'm so excited.
Nivea Caregloss and Shine

Price: 120 INR
Quantity: 10 ml
Shelf-life: Dont remember
I had come in a package the paper plastic one. But i had thrown it away.
So I don't remember if there was any ingredient list on it. Nivea usually places its list if ingredients somewhere. But I don't think there was a list. anyway.
The back side

What I like:
1) I love the texture. Its neither sticky nor runny. It has kind of thick oily texture and I like it.
2) Smells good. Not too strong though and quite refreshing
3) The price is pocket friendly for almost everyone.
4) It adds shine as well as takes care of your lips. I find many of the glosses a bit drying to the lips (the tube ones). But this one takes care of it.
5) I thought it goes transparent. But I received many compliments from my friends . It gives a very very subtle tinge.
6) The pack said that it has SPF 15 ( As far as I remember) but no such mention is there on the tube body.
7) It prevents my lips from getting chapped. So, a balm and gloss at one go.
The swatch
The dislikes:
1) It doesn't moisten or hydrate my lips. Just prevent from getting chapped. No repair to the already chapped ones.

Thats all. Overall I like the product.
Shall I repurchase? I might. I have not tried their tinted chap-sticks. I have in mind to get one. but I have to finish up my other balms as well.

Did you use the product? How did you like it?


  1. Sounds like a nice one....but I would prefer Lotus lipbalms. have you tried them?

  2. i forever wanted a review on this one. you lucky girl ♥

  3. I Used this product..found it a little too glossy for my taste...but my mom loves it...

  4. @ Rakshananda: Somehow Lotus doesn't suit me. I use a lot of varieties of lip balms. I can never have only one. :P
    @ Anshita: Go ahead, I'm here. :P <3
    @ Bhhumika: Its good .
    @ Shiny: I;m sure it wouls look good on you. But you look so cool in your kajal dear. I simply love it


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