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Streetwear Lipliner

after my review on streetwear products, some of you asked for the review of the other products as well. Right now, my Streetwear kajal is from the older stock, so I'm not reviewing that one. Give me some time and I'll come up with the kajal too. Now let me review the lip liner
I don't exactly remember the price but it should be somewhere around 140 Rupees.
the quantity is the regular one. the exact amount I could not find.
I have two liners from this range. One is a bright pink and the other a wine color.

so, I have 03 Pink line and 04 wine line. There are other shades available as well.
  there is no ingredient list. The pencils came in sealed.

 Now, my take:
#These are highly pigmented lip liners.
#Comes cheap rather used to come cheaper. I'm not exactly sure of the recent price.
#Stays on for quite some time.
#Beautiful colors and compliments my lipsticks very well.

#These are difficult to sharpen. The wood quality is not so good. If you are not careful the tip might break and you would end up wasting a lot of product.
I#ts not at all creamy. Its rather dry but goes over gently without tugging or pulling the skin and perhaps this makes it last much much longer. It stays on my lips for the entire day.
#Doesn't smell nice. Smells weird. I'm not very good at explaining odours.

Shall I repurchase? Yes, I already did. I have a back up one for the pink. I never came across this pink in lip liners and every one loved it if during the summer I just rub it on my entire lips and top it off with a light gloss.
Do I recommend? If you are expecting too much then no. But if you are looking for something cheap that does a decent job I do strongly recommend this one.


  1. I have a baby pink color in jordana called sexy mauve..dats pretty too..i have pencils in all pink n red n want lakme terracotta now..n sienna may be..bas..wud cover all colors for me..i askd at shoopers n health n glow tode..dey sd dey dnt have dat buy 1 get 1 free offer..n may be wud cum after 1-2 weeks :(
    wud check out street wear :)
    but all lip pencils r a bit drying..

  2. Don't talk to me about Jordana I have been trying to get those but with no luck at all. :( me want Lakme lip artish in terracotta too. But the stock on the offer has not yer hit the store. My store says I should try around 20th. I love lip liners too. During summers I put them on my entire lips and top off with balms or clear gloss too. yes. lip pencils are drying. thats why they act as a dam and keep the lipppes from bleeding or fethering. But the Maybelline Moisture Extremes are very creamy :) : ) I got one in red and its brilliant.

  3. maybelline moisture extreme has lip pencils ?
    wud check out..u love ur reds so muchh !!

  4. lovely Nivedita...i have lot of Revlon, Maybelline and Colorbar's lip liners but i'll check these lip liners too...i love its pigmentation and price too.

  5. Well. my sister again got it from the UK. I'm not sure if its available here. I'll come up with a review sometime
    @ Rakshananda: These are not as good as those I think but still its worth trying. :) :) if you see what I mean

  6. meow tomay pink ta beshi cute lagey.

    (ekhane smileys use kora jay na?)

  7. tata, kaal 10:30 KS x 2 te dekha hobe.
    and collection-o jotota hoy kore nebo.

  8. i haven't heard about this brand before, i need to check it out :)
    Those lipliners look amazing, especially pink line :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment <3

    Xoxo Christine

  9. Christine: I'm pretty sure you won't find this brand in Europe. This is a sister concern of Revlon. My sister never located these in any part of Europe as well.

    Thank you so much for commenting.


  10. I used this product. I love learning about and trying new beauty products, there are tons of innovative beauty products which promise to do everything from erasing lines to adding glow, and everything in-between. But sometimes, it's nice to go old-school with something tried-and-true. Right now, my Streetwear kajal is from the older stock, so I'm not reviewing that one. Give me some time and I'll come up with the kajal too. Now let me review the lip liner. Thanks for sharing.
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