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Vega Lip filler brush- a versatile brush

Now, This little beauty is not unknown to most of you. but I was delighted to find its other uses as well. For those who don't have this brush let me tell you priced at 40 Rupees, this is a lip filler brush from Vega. In case you get puzzled by the mane let me assure you, the V shaped tip of this brush is ideal both to outline and fill in your lips as well.
The bristles are nylon bristles and neither too soft, nor too stiff, just the right kind to pick up color from any kind of lipstick.
This is washable and had no fall out at all even on washing. I have already washed this one at least 7 or 8 times with the same result. No fall out.

Now, the additional uses I found.
It can  double up as a very good concealer brush. the pointy tip allows precise application and blending. You can also very effectively use it under your eyes to put in and blend the concealer.
The second use I found, (I got this idea after seeing the Maybelline gel liner's brush), is that you can smudge your liner. or put on kajal or khol very effectively. The V tip gives you control over the thickness of the line. I was delighted with the result when I tried putting on a kajal which I never used because it was a potted one.

I know this is a very simple post but, well ,it is also a reminder that ou have a cool tool in your hand only, never thought of using it in various ways.
What are the other uses you make with this brush?


  1. I need t buy some new brushes..im eyeing vega....affordable hain..

  2. Absolutely. Their blush brush and the powder brush do a nice job too . Above all no fall outs. Thats the best part.

  3. I love Vega brushes. Got a couple of them..now eyeing the kit too.
    Great review:)

  4. Yeah,their brush is very cheap and is of good quality, hey u know there is a cute Mac brush set available at market,its pink in color..I guess the price is around 200!! I dont think so that's real? Have you seen them anywhere?

  5. Babe I got the pro kit sometimes back. Love these Vega brushes. You can also try the retractable 1... you will love it. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. @ I was eyeing the kit too. but I don't use the eye grooming and the liner brush. so, no use for me at least
    @ Pretty in colors: No way! Those are fake. Lots of fake MAC products are available in the market. But I know they look so cute. Those are mostly Chinese brushes and are very soft. :)
    Beautydiva: Is it good? Could you review those please?
    @ Jazzy E : :) Thank you

  7. i have eyes shadow brush..1 from d normal n 1 from d professional range..

  8. Yeah that's what I thought so..MAC things are expensive I know..but I was thinking are the chinese brushes good to use?? I sort of liked them..please tell me what to do..

  9. @ Bhumika : I nkow you do have the professional one. Had requested for a review back then :( :(
    @ Pretty: Why don't you go ahead and give it a try? Even I have in mind to get hold of a pack because it would be travel friendly. I don't want to carry around the hair bristle ones becasue they are more prone to damage

  10. this is great. i hav a vega eyeshadow brush. im gonna pick this up soon. :)

  11. I hopped in at New National store for these brushes,were low on stock just picked up the Blush Brush and Eyeshadow Brush(m).Kolkata e kothaai kothaai pawa jaai Vega with good stock?

  12. @ Sayani: Noational Store? Where is it? Sayani I would suggest that you go to Gitanjali on the first floor of treasure Island. They always have a good stock

  13. Thanks! New National is in Hatibagan before Shyambazar(I get my lotus herbals stuff @11% off from here)..a very BIG old cosmetic store which showers discounts..next to it is Modern Museum which is even bigger and always crowded...I am a Maybelline fan and I buy them from these stores too coz often I do not find options in shades at Pantaloons,Shoppers Stop,Westside....DUTO DOKAANI KHUB BHALO! will try New Market for Vega


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