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Avon Color Dual Ended Collection -lip

well, this is not from my haul. But this is a product I have been dying to show you for days. Some how or other I never managed to come up with a review. This is Avon Color Dual Ended Lip Collection. Avon has launched this handy product called dual ended collection. The eye collection has a stick shadow at one end and liquid liner on the other. The lip collection has color at one end and gloss on the other. I did not want to buy another eye product, but I can never say no to lips. So, I ordered this one
Price: 299 INR
Composition: it was listed in microscopic size on the plastic seal wrapper which I could not read
Shelf-life: 2 years
Quantity: 5 gms in all

1) Its a lipstick and gloss combined into one package. So, its so easy to carry it around. You  can just slip it into your bag and run off.
2) Available in 3 shades.
3) The package is nice to hold. if you take of one side the other end since remains loner than you regular lipsticks or gloss handles, feels nice and sleek to hold. Very ergonomic that is.
4) I like the gloss. It gives a very peachy look and a shiny glossy one as well.

I had a lot of expectations from this product but frankly it let me down.
1) The color pay off is very bad. The lipstick is supposed to be brick red but it turns out only brown.
2) the pigmentation is very very low and the product feels a bit waxy.
3) The gloss smells cloyingly sweet like oversweet sugar syrup. I hate such sweet smell.

Overall verdict: While I like the packaging and the concept, the product itself is not good.
Shall I repurchase? NO.

Do you have this product? How do you like it?


  1. oh d pigmentation is not upto d mark..by d way oriflame just came up with something like this

  2. ohhh it must be not that opaque..too bad it didnt work though i liked the shade.

  3. the concept and the packaging is really good. too bad that it didn't work out for u.

  4. @ Anshita: Yes. I saw that. But I have taken the resolution not to buy anything new until I have finished at least 3 of my products :)
    @ The shade looks good on the hand but not on the lips and this is afer 3 or 4 swipes. :(
    @ Anju: Yeah. A big disappointment

  5. d peach color is nice..


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