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Avon Ideal Match shadestick Concealer

This post goes to Anshita who asked me if I have concealers. Well, I do not possess a whole lot of it and not even a special one from any high end brand. But I had tried a few which should be actually counted as four. I will review them subsequently. But I will start with the concealer which I like most considering its availability and the shade match. From left to right Avon (i dont remember the name concealer, i think Personal match), Oriflamme Absolute concealer for eyes, Avon Ideal shade concealer stick and Rimmel Recover.
Today my review is on Ideal shade match concealer stick.
I had tried another concelar from Avon, while I found it versatile, it was tad white for my skintone.  This time , when they launched this concealer, I got the darker shade and Tada! it truly matched my skintone.
 Price: 229 INR
Quantity: 2gm
What the company claims about it: 
#Visibly conceals eye bags and blemishes
# Full coverage
What I like about it:
1) Its goes over very creamy. I use it under my eyes and I don't have to apply too much of pressure. I put it under my eyes at the inner corner of my lower lid and blend it out.
2) It is truly Oil-free. I have oily skin and it goes over creamy but no oil I promise.
3) The color payoff is quite good. One swipe is good for me. You can even effectively hide blemishes and uneven pigmentations if needed. just pat it to blend in seamlessly..
4) Didn't break me out.
5) Above all exactly matches my skintone. Just the amount of yellow my skintone is.
6) Not too expensivel. You get a big discount when its on offer.
7) Can act as good eye base if blended properly.
What I dislike:
nothing. But I wish I didn't have to go to the irritating Avon rep from whom I get my stuff. Would've preferred this from a regular drugstore. But then, even SAs get on my nerves sometimes.
Now let me swatch it

After I put it on and blend it, I found with too much of difficulty where I had put it on. So, I circled it. good that I did not blend it in completely, otherwise I wouldn't have located it at ll without my glasses.

Thats all. nothing mroe to say. And yes, one stick goes a long time. It stays put for quite sometime without creasing but blending is the key word to everything.

Have you used this product? Did you like it?


  1. Haven't used this - sounds very tempting :)

  2. hey Nivedita I already follow you..since ages.. .I am Zeeba frm IMBB...if you remmbr...:)

    Thanks for the follow. :)

  3. wow Niv, this is a good one. i liked the review :-x

  4. OMG! You are an old friend! Stupid me!!!! You have such a nice blog Zeeba and I never knew about it!

  5. Thankz so much re Scralett. Staying up late at night or almost all night gives me such bad dark circles at times

  6. @ Tanveer. I think its worth giving a try. If ti doesnt work you can still use it up as an eye shadow base

  7. I have only one profile..and I am following u wid it..jus the name is different bt the profile is one

  8. wow, this is a nice product. i hav never tried anything from either oriflame or avon. it's really annoying and difficult to find a rep. but both the brands hav some nice concealers and primers. isnt it? btw, does it work as a good e/s base? my main problem is creasing due to my super oily lids.

  9. looks very tempting..do u think liquid concealer r better then the stick one?

  10. @ Zeeba: clumsy me. Its was all messed up. Do come back and drop in your comments. I'd be too happy to receive them.
    @ Kuheli: I haven't tried to many products from them. But this one works for me. Even I have super oily skin and super oily lids in summer. as for the eye base part, I have covered it in my post. :p check it.
    @ Anu: well, Liquid concealers are best for under eye while for blemishes, the sticks work. Since sticks are a bit waxy/heavier, they stay on your face more and the color pay off is more. But liquid concealer usually go sheerer than the stick ones and becasue of their texture, are easier to blend under the eye. No tugging or pulling. So, its the part on which you are using.
    As for me, since this concelaer exactly matches my skintone ( you know how difficult it is to find an exact match), I make do for both and I don't tug or pull at the eye are. just pat blend it ( a trick learnt from Dulcecandy from youtube)

  11. oops...i missed the last part. :P

  12. dis sounds gud..bt I dunno any Avon rep :(

  13. Oh wow! the shade matches your skintone perfectly! xoxo

  14. thanks nivedita...i seriously appreciate dat. :)
    plus, u hv convinced me for ds concealer n m gonna get my hands on it d next time its on offer. i think i now a blogger who is avon rep, so i'll order from her.
    n dat oriflame concealer v have in common, does nothing though..waste!

  15. i had never come across this concealer, and it is reasonably priced too. btw stumbled upon your blog for the first time today.. very groovy.. :)

  16. @ Bhumika: You can find one from their website.
    @ Sonali: Yes. Thats the best part about it.
    @ Anshita: Check on the colors because they have a lighter tone and this one. So, be careful upon it. Yes, the Oriflame one is such a waste. But you can use it as an eye-base. works great that way.
    @ Ginger Thanks ginger. Do leave in your comments now and then. I would love it.

  17. i want to try it out...
    i love avon products ...they suit my skin :)

  18. wow.this sounds great. :) though i myself am an Avon rep...never tried their base makeup for the reason you mentioned. :P will definitely give this a try.:D


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