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The Body Shop Sale

So, mehak succesfully tempted me about the TBS sale. i didn't really want anything. But even then.... *sigh* who can resist it? I didn't get a whole lot of things just two, The bag
but, theres nothing much inside :P
Pink Grapefruit Shower gel and Jolly Orange Lip Balm.
I had sworn I wont buy body wash from TBS again. But  then, I got a flat discount of 50% on these. So the body wash costed me around 150 INR only which almost the same as any regular drugstore washes. :0
Lip products are my guilty pleasure and I  have no intention of putting a rein to it. The Pink Grapefuit Lip Butter was also sold at 50%, but it smelled so bad, that I put it back immediately.
So, what do you think?


  1. yeeee!!! u went to the TBS sale!!! *clap* *clap*...:P i feel so happy even when other people shop...im crazy...review them soon, Nivedita. and what else were there on sale?? i wanna buy a body scrub and a moisturiser from TBS. but both the TBS shops are quite far from my place. and ny bf don't want to take me there either..:(

  2. hahaha...ya the lip butter was NOT nice smelling!!! 150/- is so cheap fr body shop na...

  3. wow..cool!! i dont hv nything tbs :\

  4. Nice picks :D Me too will get something from BS soon:)

  5. @ Kuheli: If you are comfortable with metro rail, it should be soo easy to go to Forum Mall. Hey, give you bf a good boka. kotha shunbe na mane? dhore niye jao!!! :D :D ora shoppinger anondo bojhe na. e-malle jete bolle anonde tokhuni jabe!

    @ Mehak: Now, you got me spending. :( :( yes, that was the ugliest smelling product I can think of. :( Yuck! I was picking it up suddenly it occurred to me to check. :( But yes, what I have got is a deal still.
    Anshita: If you want to give TBS a try sales times are the best to experiment with.

    @ Raksha; Don't forget to flaunt dear. Its always a treat to see new products.

  6. hi Nivedita, good post...
    looking forward to haunting TBS again while the sale is on...

    i'm more interested in the jolly orange lip balm :D

  7. I haven't tried that Body Shop wash, but grapefruit body washes in general are some of my favorites to use in the morning when I need to wake up. They're so refreshing!

  8. @ Thanks Scarlett:
    @ Mary: I discern a slight bitter smell into its sweetness. But the lip butter was way too bad.
    @ Nikki: Thanks a lot.


  9. ha ha..nivedita, darun bolecho....ami khub shiggir e jabo..anek kichu kinte habe..:D :P

  10. I got the Pink Grapefruit Body wash too.. Actually a couple of them. :P I really like the fragrance.. wonder why so many people hate it! how do you like it?
    I'm following you. :)

  11. @ bulbul. Oboshyoi dekhio kintu jodi jao
    @ Ik. me not that much liking it. But the smell is different. A kind of bitter sweet, very different from regular fragrances
    . Thanks a lot for following me. Put in your comments. I would love them

  12. Hey ya.. I really like the fragrance, actually I've always liked the body washes from TBS.. :P I saw that you're not too much of a fan!but for Rs150, its a steal! :)

  13. I love TBS body and bath products, plus they offer attractive discounts which is something I find hard to resist ;)

  14. @ Ik: Yes. For 150 even a saint like me can't resist. :) :) Is that your own dog?
    @ Sonali: Those are good but some how I'm not too fond of them. But then, so much of discounts really tempted me to buy it.


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