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Eye lashes-KKCenterHK

Hi friends
I'm so excited today. Guess what? This is the first time ever a company sent to me their product to be reviewed by me. KKCenerHK sent me three boxes of their eye-lashes containing 10 pairs each ,for me to review.
KKCenterHK is a Honkong based company which sells a lot of products like wigs, eye-lashes, make up, concealer, professional shadows and blushes i.e. make up etc. I hear they are very hassle-free. If you want you can check on their website here
I had been asked to choose sets of eye-lashes from ES. I did, and withing 10 days the products reached me. here is the package
I opened it and the boxes were nicely packed in a bubble-wrap
I chose  A720 which is Handmade Black Premium lashes, A500, 10 pairs of different style eyelashes
and A133.
All the boxes had the same direction for use.

Today I'm just going to show you what I got and share with you my first impression. I don't have eye lash glue right now since I had never used eye-lashes before.. So, I'll get hold of some eye-lash glue pretty soon and show you these on my eyes or do EOTD when I wear these.
According to my least to best liking, I'm showing these

ES A720
yes, so many in a box.

My first impression:
1)The lashes are quite long and soft and natural looking.
2)The lining band although looks distorted over here actually is no cause of worry because it is flexible and soft like a tring. The lashes are kinnted/joined to it. Its just how they have been placed, that they look like that
But there is something I would like to point out. The hair on the same pair are not even or equal. Compare the right one with the left. Also, the lashes at the corners look a bit messily crisscrossed. but, I guess that won't be an issue while I put it on.

ES A133. 
Its is  handmade natural and lengthening lashes.
This ranks second in my liking.

These are natural looking lashes

A very close look

.My first impression:
1) these are very natural looking bristles.
2) the band is so soft and perfect to fit smugly on the lash-line.
3) the spiky feathery lashes should upen up the eyes like anything.

Dislikes; None yet. I'll come back when i use this.

Last and the best
ES A500

This box contains 10 pairs of different styles of lashes and by far this looks the best quality.
You can click and enlarge.
a closer look, the top six
The bottom four

My take:
1)The lashes are all nicely arranged on their respective bands and they do not fall over or crisscross upon each other.
2) There are 10 different styles in the box. Depending upon your look you can wear them which makes this box more versatile than any other .
3) Since my lashes are naturally long, I think the less denser ones would suit me better. but tell me when i wear these.
Dislikes; Since haven't tried them on, no say over here.

Now, with these lashes, I think I'll also acquire the habit of wearing falsies on special occasions.  How comfortable do you feel with falsies?
As soon as I get the glue I'll come up with posts.

So, what do you think about these?

Disclaimer: These products have been kindly sent to me by the company/PR for consideration. But evidently, it did not influence my opinion on them. for queries, refer to the link attached in the post