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Happiness galores-- Free samples

I need to tell you this very quickly. I don't know how long this is going to last. Ok, the pictures first. I had registered at P&G, and when I logged in there was a section where you could make your requests for free samples. I and my sister filled it out. This was about three or four days back.Day before yesterday, I received this through courier
 When I opened it it had a 200gm Ariel Oxy-blu.

Not interested? My mum was very happy. :P
Yesterday again, I received this box

When I opened it, there were so many things stuffed inside
. I took them out and I was delighted
1) 90ml bottle of Head n Shoulders worth 69 INR
2) 90 ml Pantene anti hair-fall Shampoo with 59INR
3) An Olay total effects tube of 8gm.
4) A gilette shaving cream worth ( I dont remember)
5) Two Whisper sanitary napkins. :p :P I shouldnt be flaunting this in public? Should i? But all my readers are women. So. I really don't mind.

 I had thought this might have been a dud like Lakme when they offered to give out gift hampers and instead gave very very cheap synthetic scarf and a a booklet of coupons for discount at lakme Salon services. I was so pissed off.  But this company has really lived upto its good reputation

I'll come up with the review of the shampoos which I had wanted to do for such a long time
Isn't it always lovely to receive some gifts from anyone?

Disclaimer: I haven't been sent these products for review, but as just free samples. I am not advertising on behalf of the company. Its just for the benefit of my friends over here.


  1. hey, this is great! im going to register soon..i love free sample..:P

  2. who doesnt love freebies..m being cheap :P

  3. hey u know I had registered here 2 mths back..but I dint get anythg :(
    lucky u..enjoyy

  4. Great stuff!!<3 Will check it out too:)

  5. wonderful, just wonderful!!

  6. Hhahahahah: Anshita, we all love freebies, 'no apologies there'
    @ Bhumika: Thats bad. May be too many people registered. Like my Lakme gift arrived almost 6 months later and I received none of the make up some people had received.
    Yes Raksha: Let me know if you have received them too.
    @ Scarlett: :p yes, it is

  7. You are one lucky girl!! ;))

  8. :) :) My sister received her hamper yesterday.... yay!!!

  9. hey i once received free olay tube...long time back in college


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