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Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream

Dear friends
I'm starting the review of my little haul with the Himalaya Anti Dandruff Cream. You know most of us are plagued by dandruff at some point of time or other. OK, first let me tell you I never had any dandruff problem before. But this winter I was terribly afflicted by dandruff. However frequently I washed my hair, my scalp would get terrible itchy with dandruff. I wondered what to do, right then my friend reminded me of this wonderful product which I had myself recommended to her. She is affected by dandruff all the year round. For the benefit of those who perennially suffer from dandruff, I would put down her experience too.
Price and quantity: This is a trial pack of 50 gm which is available at 35 INR. The bigger one, 175 gm is available for 100 INR

shelf-life 3 years.
what the company claims and directions for use. Click on the picture to get a clearer view.:

Another closer look
Texture: Its a soft creamy texture that sinks quikly

The Pros:
1) It makes my hair very very soft. In fact I was suffering from sun scorched, dryer-damaged rough hair. This cream apart from making my hair soft and shiny, repaired it to a great extent which was visible from the first wash right away.
2) It tamed my frizzes to a great extent.
3) The itchiness was gone .
4) After application ans washing, my hair was indeed dandruff free.
5) Was all the more effective when I followed up with anti-dandruff shampoo ( Head and Shoulders in my case. Would be reviewing it soon).
6) Usually anti dandruff shampoos tend to dry the hair. But this products protected my hair from such incidents.
7) I did not use it post bathing as directed. But this was enough to rid me off my dandruff for a few days and as the temperature has gone up, the dandruff has not returned and I don't think it would.
8) Comes so cheap. You wont have to invest in the bigger one. You have a trial pack. So, very little wastage of money if this doesn't suit you.
Now let me tell you my friends experience:
# She genetically suffers from dandruff. But this has although not cured her entirely, given much relief than any other product she has tried on. . It keeps her dandruff at bay and makes her thick hair soft and very shiny.  She swears by it.But when she stops using this product altogether, the dandruff gradually comes back. So, for those perennially suffering from dandruff, this is a temporary and effective solution, although not a permanent cure.
# She absolutely loves this and so do I.

I really don't find any. This is a great product which delivers more than it claims.

I absolutely  do recommend this.

Have you used this product? What was your experience like?


  1. if u use after hair wash, wont it attract dust n make thngs messy?

  2. me buying it for sure, thanks thanks for the review

  3. very good review. If it has worked for you, I'll definitely want to try it for my sister. thanks.

  4. @ Anshita: I did not use it after washing my hair. But if you use a tiny amount and massage it onto your scalp and hair, it just works like leave in conditioner.
    @ Rentu and Raksha and Bhumika: Sure. This is really a good product. Worth trying on

  5. o btw i used it after washing my hair and it worsened my problem, i think it attracts dust if you do not wash it off. i should have used it and washed it off with a shampoo.. stupid stupid me.. might still have some lying about ..

  6. If you have sensitive skin you'll like the fact that there are no oils, fragrances, or dyes in this cream to cause you skin irritation.
    droopy eyelid treatments


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