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Himalaya Neem Facepack

Himalaya Neem Face Pack, photo, review
I can't believe that I haven't written a blog about my skin's best friend!!!! I should've done this long ago. But anyway better late than never.
Last year I was terribly afflicted by an acne break out. We had gone to a hill station. My skin becomes very dry in cold. Since we were not in the city, I could not go to a store.There was Pond's cream whcih many Indians swear by. I thought it might be a good idea to put it on. While my skin still remained very dry, I had extremely bad break out. When I came back everyone kept asking me if I had been ill. I went to a dermatologist. But even after 3 months the acne was not completely cured and I still had so much of it! At last, one of my friends suggested this to me and voila! My skin simply loved this. In a month the acne had vanished. Since I have inherited an ance prone skin, I know I would have bouts. Even then, this has greatly helped reduce it. Later, I learned from one of my friends who has dry skin, she also gets acne whenever she puts on Ponds Cold cream.
Price: 170 INR
Quantity: 200 gm
Shelf-life: 3 years
What the company claims:

Direction of use and composition:

The picture looks definitely yuck and messy! I know. Last time I was in a hurry and didn't have the time to wipe the cap clean.
here is how it actually looks like:

Now: What I like about it:
1) It definitely has neem because it smells like neem and turmeric. A pack that I used to make at home. I find it easier to use directly from a tube. no grinding or collecting the ingredients from the bazaar etc.
2) It effectively cleared my acne and still keeps acne at bay. Its not that I don't get acnes anymore, but thats hereditary. But I DO NOT get pimples anymore at all. If I get a break out, it reduces them in no time at all.
3) It makes my face feel fresh and clean and brightens it up very effectively.
4) since its a bit granular and not totally a smoothie like paste, it also does a scrubbing action when I'm washing it off.

The not so 'wow factors':
1) It tingles the skin. It has been warned on the tube itself. But they ought to say 'burns' the skin rather than tingles because my face really gets the burning sensation for a minute or two which diminishes and ultimately goes away. The sensation is enhanced if it is used on frshly scrubbed skin. But then, it is more effective as well.
2) My skin usually feels a bit dry after using this and I follow up with a moisturizer. But that is not a problem for me.
3) It has parabens. but tell me, logically if a product is really herbal, how can it last long without parabens?

Overall: In spite of these terrible  cons, I love this as it cures my skin and it's my skin's best friend. i have two more skin's best  friends and I'll come up with reviews pretty soon.
Do I recommend? Oh yes! Definitely. If you are affected by acne or pimples, this is definitely a product for you.
This is my skin's BFF.