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Lakme Glide on Eye Color

 This post is going to be on a product about which I have very mixed feelings. While I love the color, sometimes I hate them like anything. Most of you are familiar with these pencils from Lakme. I got them when they were first launched. They were priced at 225 INR I think. I received two of these as free gift with purchases and the rest two, my favourite SA gifted to her favourite customer :P so I really did not purchase any of these.

From left the shades are Bridal Pink. Smoky Green, Baked Bronze ( Now called Warm Copper) and a turquoise blue ( Forgotten the  shade name)
Price: 275 INR
Ingredient list : Not mentioned
What the company claims?
Crushed gemstones sprinkled with the brilliance of precious metals.
For eyes that reflect the stars. 
What I like:
1) Very creamy
2) Very intensely pigmented.
3) Sets into a thicker creamier texture.
4) Can be doubled up as an eye shadow ( Cream eye-shadow).
5) Smudges lesser than the regular kajals.
6) My super favourite is the smoky green which is such an intense, dark, true smoky green

What I don't like:
1) It often smudges like crazy on my eyes. Then, all make up products, except for liquid liners do so on my oily lids.
2) The pink one doesn't show up as the other shades do.
3) The price is too much for the quality. I find Maybelline ones better, less smudgier and of course cheaper.

Overall, I have a kind of neutral feeling towards it.
Do I recommend? only if you have dry lids otherwise no.
Shall I (re) purchase? : No.

How did you like this?


  1. i liked d blue n green one..but i rarely use eye pencils

  2. i like the aqua green shade. though i don't have any. :P i think pink should not be an eye pencil's color.

  3. Nivedita they are more pretty then what they look in the picture..right

  4. Anshita: I do use them but not too frequently either. You know it looks a bit odd to wear too muck of eye-catching things to the university. :( Although I love to. but as sometimes I do use the blue and the green and the pink, to line them above my black liner on my top lid.
    @ Mehak: Yes!!!! ITs beeeeeeaaauutifulll! Its my most used color.
    @ Kuheli: No, no it looks lovely on the upper lids.. But used on the lower one would make you looks like you have conjunctivitis or have wept a lot.
    @Ana: Yay!!! A lot lot prettier. Did you give these a try?

  5. wow..you have very pretty shades hun?..i love the green and pink...I'm sure they'll make your eyes look beautiful :)

  6. I have heena gold
    n jus gt aqua green
    smokey green is nice too bt I have colorbar jaded so got aqua green..

  7. had I an option I would've got the plum one

  8. do u knw any smudge proof kajal am in urgent need of it pl pls pls pls help

  9. Anon, kindly check the latest review of faces liner pencils or Colorbar glide on eye pencils in these links



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