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Lakme Lip Laquer

Yes. Another lip product and this time from Lakme. I am a self professed lip product addict. Well, this is not a recent purchase and I think Lakme might have withdrawn the product because suddenly I saw it has vanished from their website. I had bought this about 2 years back and this is my most used lip gloss. Well, Lakme calls this a lip lacquer. But since I have also used their sharshine lipgloss, I find no major difference apart from the fact that starshine has shimmer particles suspended in a transparent gloss while, this one is opaque which adds color to your lips.
 I had gone shopping for my sister when I located this. The SA fooled me claiming that this is a long stay gloss. Poor me. I shelled out the money. Although it disappointed me because this is not a long stay product, I'm happy that I had actually bought it.
The shade number is 26. Its a very pretty muted pink. Just the pink I like. Not baby pink, yet a light and dark. it can be worn on any occasion.
See, in spite of using numerous glosses and lip sticks i have finished at least 3/4th of the bottle. now my review
Price: 275 INR
Quantity: 6 ml
Ingredients: Not listed
What I like:
1) I definitely love the color. It's the best pink for me or according to my taste.
2) It keeps my lips moisturized even when its gone.
3) Its stays on my lips for quite some time. Not that its supposed to be, but I'm quite comfortable in it.
4) You need very little. One brush is enought for my entire lips. But for that extra laquer, you can go over.
5) Its imparts a beautiful semi opaque color
6) No shimmer. Hence, can be worn everywhere

What I dislike:
1) The packaging. If you keep it tilted, the gloss will seep out. Not that it will do so instantly. But still, if you store it tilted, it seeps out. So, not fit for you vanity bag or hand bag. I have to store ot at home can can't carry around for reapplication.
2) I like doe-foot applicators and not synthetic brush like this one's.
Do I recommend and shall I repurchase? No. Although i like it, I think Maybelline glosses are a better deal both in terms of packaging, price, quantity and selection of colors. As such, if this has been withdrawn, there's no pint recommending. the bottom line is
I don't recommend this.


  1. i like d color and yayyy for being opaque n non-shimmery.. i too thnk other brands hs got better lipglosses

  2. I so agree with both of you.
    Anshita, but I like the starshine glosses minus their packaging. check your comments. I have answered them all. :)

  3. Interesting blog and thoughts you got going on there!! Check out my blog sometimes when you get a chance. If you like my writing and what’s on there become my follower!

  4. Thank you Linhy. I would definitely love to visit your blog


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