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L'Oreal UV Perfect Advanced Fluid Protector

This is a product that I have been using for quite a while. Since, I use a special suncreen I don't get to wear this product regularly. But during hot summers, when I can never dispense with sunscreens, I just slip this little thing in my bag. So, in course of the day if I wash my face, I put this on quickly so that my skin is never without protection. I had bought this around two years ago, when I was looking for a drugstore sunscreen. let me share my experience with you.
Price: Now, this is an issue. When I had bought this, it patent was still due. I did not find the price printed anywhere and the SA charged me around 650 INR! Now I find these are sold at 399 INR. Imagine that!
Tell me guys, what do you do if the price is not printed on the product? becasue your suggestions would also help many others.

Quantity: 30 ml ( thats a wee bit isn't it? but not so. I'll explain why).

Composition: Wasn't mentioned on my bottle.

What it says:
take a look
So, it is supposed to have SPF 50 UVB, UVA PA +++
It should prevent brown spots, skin darkening and pre-mature skin-ageing.
The shade I got is Even complexion. I think there might be other shades available as well.

It also claims:
Perfectly hydrates and protects your skin against UV rays, skin darkening and skin ageing.
UV Perfect contains an optimized UVA/B protection filtering system tailormade for asian skin types.
Enriched with moisturizing agents, it helps your skin to recover its normal functions and beauty despite all external aggressions.

Directions: Use UV Perfect on a well cleansed skin, as a daily protecting moisturizer and a make up base.

Now my experience:
It is basically a tinted moisturizer cum sunscreen.

1) It evens out and brightens up my skin tone. It has yellow tone which works great for my skin color.
2) High spf with UVA/B +++ protection which is the real cause why I bought it.
3) Only two or three drops are enough for the entire face. So, even the the quantity is so small, it goes a real long way.
4) Easy to carry around and the pointed nozzle ensures a no-messy application.
5) Softens my skin and adds a glow.
6) it is moisturizing but not greasy. Dry skin people might like it.
7) Never broke me out.

The now so good factors:
1) The SA cheated me, which is not the product's fault . The very idea of such dishonesty bugs me still.
2) Oily skin people might find it a bit oily although that can be combated with a layer of compact or any powder on top.

I like this product. its a little rescue. I can't comment on its real effectiveness as a sunscreen since I wear my special sunscreen and use this only as a on-the-go protection.

Overall, I do recommend this if you are looking for a tinted moisturizer with a high SPF

Shall I repurchase? No, because I wear a medicated sunscreen  and I don't get to wear this one. I would rather put aside the money and invest in some good foundation.

Have you used this product? What was your experience like?


  1. wow i never heard about it. well i might try it after ponds tm gets finished. u know those avon lipbalms which r priced at 79. the price is not mentioned on the tube, so the SA once sold it to me for 50! so i sometimes pay high, sometimes low if d price isnt mentioned!

  2. arre the poll at the top right, to vote what you wd like for the giveaway

  3. i hav no idea abt most of the loreal products. thanks for the review...:)

  4. Great review Nivedita!! But i would still prefer Lotus sunscreens....have you tried it??

  5. Nivedita, could u plz tell me the location of Body Shop store in kolkata? is there any shop at City Center, saltlake?

  6. @ Anshita: The SA actually didn't misguide you. Avon very frequently gives discounts in brochures. Often the SAs stock up when there is a discount and let you have them for reduced price even if there is no offer that month. Thats what my SA often does. :) :) but do check the dates. That should be always there.
    @ Raksha: Lotus don't suit my skin. Even a facewash darkens my skin wherever it comes in contact with. so I stay away. :( :( Since I have problem with photosensitive skin, I wont reply on anyother less than what I use. Mine is an SPF 40+++ prescribed by my dermatologist and that is one product I don't experiment with.
    @ Bulbul: Sure. There are only two outlets. One is in Forum courtyard, in the ground floor itself, the other at South City, at ground floor. If you are planning get something hurry there are lucrative offers going on. EWven I made a little purchase. I'll flaunt it tomorrow may be. ;P

  7. Never tried this... sounds nice :)

  8. I hate wearing multiple layers on my skin and a tinted moisturiser sounds perfect. This particular one seems just right for my skin tone :)

  9. it looks nice infact i never knew that loreal has tinted misturiser at this price..i m buying this:)

  10. hey, Tanveer. Its worth try8ing it. let me know your review of it.
    @ Reppublic of Chic: If you hate it and need a sheer coverage this is your best friend. I think this would suit all skin tones except for too pink
    @ Anamika: Hihihi. They do. I dont see too many adverts from L'Oreal. God knows why!

  11. Hey, I am desperately looking for a sunscreen with really good protection. This one seems nice but I want to be sure about the effectiveness.
    Anyway which is the medicated sunscreen that you use? And what kind of skin can use that?

  12. Also, I answered your questions on my posts. Have a look.

  13. @ Debaleena:
    I am using Sungrace from Glenmark. It is SPF 40+++, non camadogenic, non-oily etc. Its my best friend. But do ask a dermatologist if you wish to use it.

  14. nice that it works like TM...nice review..

  15. hi nivi good review.
    last week on my routine visit to beauty shopping ,I was about to buy this .but then thought of buying it after reading a review. then came ur timely review. Mine was a super oily skin. but now in my early thirties,my skin has turned combi/oily. am a fan of ponds TM. but these days it dries out my skin. so shall I buy this loreal sweetie?
    does loreal one give a bit more moisturizer than ponds ?
    by the way please review ur HG sunscreen too dearie. would love to read it.
    many thanks

  16. Thanks Sumi. Well, I have oily skin and this suits my skin fine. Not very moisturizing though. Why, you could put on a little moisturizer prior using this. i learned that trick from a salon where I get my hair cut. Too much of dry skin is more vulnerable to in the sun. So, wear a little bit of moisturizer before putting on a sunscreen.

    I can't review the HG sunscreen since its not a drugstore product. But I can show it to you if you like. I'm so sorry about this.

  17. How is the smell of this? I usually find sunscreens to have an off-putting scent to them!


  18. Sorry Fiona, saw the comment today. It has no noticeably strong fragrance and the mild fragrance even goes away within a minute or two


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