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Nivea Roll on deo for men- Energy Fresh

Ok. This is a post not on my first hand experience. But I’m reviewing an item that my dad is loving the most. You know, many of the men suffer from body odor. No matter how healthy they eat or how many litres of water they drink it never stops bugging them. Unfortunately my dad is also one of them and he feels pretty depressed about it. Nevertheless he is love with all kind  of deos. Seeing him so bothered I got him a Nivea roll on deo which I located in the shop. Its comes cheap and from a brand like Nivea I don’t expect any negative kind of reaction. So, here is the review I’m doing on his behalf.
The variant I got is called Energy Fresh

Price: 110 INR
Quantity: 50 ml but lasts for ages even with regular use
Ingredient : take  look at this. The ingredient list is mentioned only under the flap of the label and not on any apparently visibly place. Curious as I am I tear and tug at everything that is there 

What the company claims?

The pros:
1)      Cheap. It is quite affordable. It won’t burn a deep hole in your pocket
2)      Lasts for a pretty long time even with regular use.
3)      It is transparent so doesn’t leave any whitish cast, nor leaves any stain on the clothes.
4)      Smells nice. Not OTT
5)      The best part is it does what it should do. It claims to give 24 hours protection. And indeed even at the end of the day it remains quite effective. Other does had failed but this seems to do the job very glibly.
6)      The transparent thing looks good and smells refreshing. My dad is really delighted to  have this product
7)      The roller head is quite big so makes it very easy to apply and the job is done even at one stroke.
8)      It is mild for skin and is alcohol free.

The cons:
1)      The smell doesn’t last all day although in case of deos it is not supposed to either. For deos, they don’t make you smell good but keep body odor at bay.

Otherwise there are no cons with this product. It is worth every single penny you pay. If you have anybody who is disturbed by body odors during summers, get them a piece (well but don’t blame me if they get mad at you). Even the women’s variety is equally effective.

This is a full value for money and I recommend this everybody even if you don’t have the problem you would like this

My rating: 4.5 out of 5


  1. very fresh and lovely look of your blog..i like it...about the product...what should i say..it's a Nivea product and i love their products.

  2. hey loved the new look of the blog:)

    i have never been a roll on person..have heard good reviews about it though..will check it out next time:)

  3. @ Raksha and Anu: Thanks a lot girls. I wanted a fresh look on my blog.
    Yes, these roll ons also have their women's counterpart. I'll come up with it soon and telling you beforehand, they are worth every bit of money you spend on them

  4. nice look for the blog..I do use Sure sumtyms n its damn nice..bt m kinda scared of roll ons as they not very gud for the skin..

  5. The Nivea one is very gentle and even moisturizing. can give it a try

  6. oh i just noticed dat ur blog is revamped..i like it :)


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