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A few days back I had received as a gift Maybelline Colorama Nail polish. I love the blue. But there's something. in a day, the paint has changed color on my nail ( both) and turned a shade or two darker. see the difference. But anyway, I am loving the end result

Now observe the color. I would come up with reviews later on


  1. This is a beautiful nail polish. I've been eying this for the longest time. It's strange that it changed colours. But both the shades look nice. Will wait for your review.

  2. color change or not...amazing blue!!! wow! and u have such great nails. :)

  3. Wow such a pretty color!! Love your nails <3

  4. @ Poohkie: Thanks a lot. You can definitely give this a try. Well, this had happened to one on my Avon Nail Polishes as well. I'll tell you about it later. So, I'm not that surprised.
    @ Anju: Thanx girl. Yes. I wanted an inky blue like the end result. Its sooo lovely!
    @ Raksha: Thanks dear. and did I tell you I always admire your lips? they are simply gorgeous!!

  5. pretty 1..I have the Lakme 1 which is dark bluish purple kind...I love dat too..

  6. Thankx a lot.
    I'm not liking lakme nail polisj these day. takes so much of time to dry up

  7. You have such pretty nails and this shade looks lovely on them!

  8. Thanks Sonali. But I wish I could do such beautiful nail arts like you so.


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