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Oriflame Visions Compact Powder-PAN!!

I want to use the rest of the products from my haul before I come up with more reviews. I'll also come up with the swatches soon. Today, I want to review the product that I have liked since last year and I have really managed to finish almost all of it which is Oriflame Visions Compact.
Priced at 119 INR it comes in 20 gm pan which is a good quantity. Normally the compacts have 9 gm of the product. So you can estimate the quantity you are getting..
The shades available are light, light medium and dark. well, I made a wrong choice. Fearing the deathly hallowed look I opted for light medium which turned out to be the wrong shade for me. :( it was a bit too dark and makes me look a bit dull.

why I liked this product?
1) cheap
2) good quantity.
3) I never expected too much from it. but it nicely absorbs all the oil and prevents oiliness.so a good relief for a small span of time.
4)I have used this for a year and I feel its full value for money..
5) The coverage is not heavy like Maybelline's but it does a decent job. I really don't care about the civerage as long as it keeps oiliness at bay.

What I don't so like about it?
1) Doesn't have a mirror. So can't carry it around for quick touch ups.
2) The puff/applicator is very thin like a pice of cloth. i use my powder brush to put it on.
3) The last bits hardens a bit and is difficult to take out with the 'cloth opiece'. However. with a brush it acts just normal and fine.

Frankly, this product has lived up to my expectations and I quite like it and I would certainly recommend this to you.


  1. The first time I ever used a compact in my life is visions compact. I too was quite impressed with it when using it. Today after reading your review I feel like ordering it again. Thanks :)

  2. i like it, it works good in absorbing oil

  3. Yes. Its quite impressive. I would reorder this now the summers are approaching

  4. a compact without a mirror? reminds me of old lakme compact. :) did u buy it online?

  5. I need a little information about oriflame. Can you tell me how am I supposed to buy their products?

  6. Impressive :D I don't know of this brand, but it does seem to do the job :) Anyone who hits pan with any product means that it is a good powder :) Yay!

  7. sounds nice..i wanna try d new lakme 1 now..

  8. i've d maybelline uv one n its just not finishing! thn i've lakme perfect radiance on d list..lets see..vision products r so budget friendly na

  9. looking at the quantity of the product which you have used i am sure it must be really good:)

  10. nowadays I fancy carrying compacts wid me...donno y :)!! anyways from where do you buy oriflame products? I have searched them everywhere but couldnt find any!!

  11. @ Kuheli: No dear. I got it through representative. She lives right next door to mine.
    @ Doel: From their website I saw that the products can be purchsed online. But like Avon, these are available through representatives.
    @ Rainy Days and lettes: yeah. Its a swedish brand as they claim. But this is a multinational one. Available in almost all the countries. You might even have a local representative.
    @ Bhumi: I've already got hold of it. :P
    @ Anshita: I've got both. I use the Maybelline one when I'm using nothing but the compact only since it gives a mild coverage.
    @ Anamika: Give it a try and I'm sure you'll also agree with me buddy.
    @ Pretty in colors: Its a direct selling product. Not available in the shops. Like Avon, you have to get either through representative or the website.

  12. great at absorbing oil huh???? will definitely check this out! on my list for sure! thanks for the review

  13. Yeah sure, i can do a EOTD using Sugarpill :)
    Thank you so much for your request <3

  14. You are welcome Anju. Yes, good for us oilies


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