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VLCC Lip Shield

So, 'Ive finally started reviewing my haul. I would love to begin with the products I love the best which is VLCC Lip Shield. I wanted them, and luckily I found there was this offer going on. Two for 119 Rupees only. So, its a steal for me. But I would but the Cocoa Butter one next time I go to the shop because it had worked wonders for my dry lips and more over it worked as DIY rescue to the dry patches on my face when I needed something handy.
a closer look at them

Price: Mint: 75 INR
         Mandarin 95 INR
Quantity: 10 gm
What the company claims:
What I Like:
1) They are absolutely non-sticly. They are like solid but as you rub your finger in them they melt and come off on your finger. Like what would happen on a frozen butter.
2) They moisturize my lips pretty well. I put it on at night and wake up with soft soft lips. It even softens the dead flakes and makes exfoliation easy.
3) Decently priced.
4) The quantity is quite good. 10 gm of this would last you ages.
They are lightly fragranced esp the mint. The mandarin smells of oranges. The cocoa butter one deliciously of chocolates.
5) They are not tinted and so can be used at night ( If you are uncomfortable about putting on pigmented balms at night like me).
6) In case of emergency I put it on my eyes and dry patched and it seems to work fine there too.
7)  Last but not the least, it has SPF 10. I dont know if it really works or not. Still, it claims to be there.

What I dislike:
1) My sister uses the strawberry variant. It smells too strong. I hate putting it on being a strawberry hater myself. The Mandarin , though milder than strawberry, might be strong for sensitive nosies.
2) I really don't 'dislike' but you might not like because this is not creamy like The Body Shop Lip Balms.
1) The mint one tingles with that minty cool sensation. So, don't put this on your eyes if you have found multi-use of lip-balms like me.

Overall I do like the product and would always repurchase.

Have you used this? Did you like it?


  1. i ve d mint n it stings terribly. use it sometimes :\

  2. Hey Nivedita, thanks for your wishes. <3

  3. Nice review. i am fond of lip balms but kind of never liked VLCC stick lip balms. I think I should try this one.

  4. I had unfortunately bought the strawberry one long time ago. And like you said, it smells too strong & sweet. Yuck! But the mint sounds nice.

  5. @ Anshita: I actually like that stingy sensation during summers :) but hate it in winter.
    @ Shoppingaholic: Thankx a ton ton. Wedding is always so special in a woman's life.I never tried the stick ones. :)
    @ Poohkie: Yeah. But you can opt for the Cocoa Bueer instead. Its by far the best

  6. that looks great. would love to try it. thanks for the review

  7. looks nice..never tried it..

  8. Sounds nice! Will give it a try:) Nice review Nivedita!

  9. decently priced and loved the coral one :)

  10. You are welcome Anju.
    Bhumika its worht giving a try.
    @ Rakshananda; Let me know of you opinion for sure.
    @ Anamika: They are so cute. Aren't they? :P


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