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Avon Personal Matchstick Concealer

well, I always had a mind to come up with more posts on concealers. Not that I have too many or from high brands. Its just the concealers that I worked with for my infant steps in make up art. This was my first concealer.
I dont have too much to say to introduce you to it. No story, no drama. :) So let me get into this straightaway
I had ordered this through a classmate who was a rep and has no clue about make ups. lol. The concelaers comes in two colors. Although I'm dusky, my skintone is somewhere between fair and dark compared to average Indian skin tone . I ordered this in Natural Fair. but the shade went wrong. I should have ordered this in dark. My mum who is very fair, used this up by mixing a tiny amount with moisturizer, customizing her own tinted moisturizer.
price: Somewhere around 150 INR with discount.
Quantity: Take a look 1.8 gm
What I liked:
1) Its completely oil free so a big pro for me.
2) Its quite pigmented.
3) Blends nicely texturewise.
4) Comes in a sturdy package. Mine is still good. No loosening up of caps etc.
5) Not overtly pricey. Revlon concealer comes in two shades and is priced somewhere around 700 INR.
6) Good quantity for the price. lasts long.

7) I can't comment on how long it stays out because as it did not match my skin tone I did not use this as a concelaer. but as an eye-base, it works pretty good and stays put for quite sometime. I find this works quite good as an eye base and I would use up the last bit that way.
8) Its neither creamy, nor dry just what a concealer should be like.

What I did not like:
1)It was a complete waste for me as it did not match my skin tone.But can't blame the product.
2) No testers available. You have to know your shade through hits and misses which is not good for base make ups, because they are not your multiple shades of lipstick. Its only one shade that matches your skin tone and not according to what your wear.
3) Dry skinnies won't like this as its completely oil-free.
4) Only two shades are available with yellow undertones. So, what would the cools do?

overall, its a good product if you have yellow undertones and oily skin. I would repurchase this in the darker shade and I do recommend this to you as well.

Have you used this? How did you like it?
I would soon come up with another review of a concealer


  1. i have not heard abt these. thanks for the review.

  2. lotus-a o stick concealer ache but that too look artificial...ami akhono akta bhalo concealer khujji jaeta amar skin tone match kore!!

  3. I have never used avon...it has many gud concealers na..

  4. wat would u prefer between the 2 avon concealers u have reviewed??

  5. Great review Nivedita!! Me too like using this one :D

  6. That's cool, I never would have thought Avon made decent concealer. I have always used MAC.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    The Cat Hag

  7. You are my ...Blog of the week... this week :)

  8. @ Anju: I don't see these regularly on the brochure too. Worth keeping a track
    @Prerana: Lotus ami bohu age ekbar try korechilam, skine react korchhilo. Eta try kore dekhte paro. Besh bhaloi
    @Bhumika: The choice is not too many, but worth giving a try.
    @Vanity: Since it did not match my skin tone, not this one, But texturewise this one. I'll try the darker one, next time there is an offer.
    @ Raksha: Yes, Its good. You also reviewed it a few days back I remember. :)
    @ Cat: Well, it would be unfair to compare this with MAC. Good things come only at a good price. But still this has been worth the money I shelled out.
    @ Helene: Thank you so much!!!!!

  9. hey, thanks for the info, i did not know about this one...

    WE WONNNNNN!!!!! HOORAYYYYYY <3<3<3<3<3
    hope for the best for saturday too...

  10. Its good. Check it out sometime


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