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Avon Simply Pretty Color Bliss Lipstick

 I haven't done a review on my obsessions for a while. So, I thought I would come up with a review of lipsticks again. Yes, yes... there's no end to my lust for lip products and I always love a pop of colors on my lips. In fact its only lipsticks that freshen or glam me up and people who know me also love lipsticks on me rather than eye make ups. Anyway, today I am going to review two lipsticks from Avon Color Bliss Simply pretty Lipsticks one of which is my favourite.
look at these beauties. Don't they look beautiful? dark glittery purple body holds 4gm of the product..It costs only 125 INR and moreover almost all the year round there is an offer going round. So, you also get lot of discounts. So, these are cheap cheap cheap!!! I was pretty skeptic when I had first tried this product. I wasn't sure if its so cheap, if the quality would be at par with good lipsticks. Well, I'm no high end brander, still I am choosy about what I put on my skin.But on a second thought I decided to give this a try while it was on offer.
L: Precious Purple R: Cranberry

What I like about these?
1) The case is quite sturdy. Doesn't become loose. Nice to hold and is not flimsy.
2) What attracted me is a wise selection of shades. There are quite a number of shades to select from.
3) the staying power is quite impressive. I never expected this to be long lasting, but this does stay put for quite a long time. You can expect this to stay put for at least 6 hours with mild eating and drinking. Even a heavy meal doesn't take it off completely.
3) Claims to have SPF 15 ( I guess, don't remember exactly)
4) One tube lasts really long w=even with everyday use ( although i really don't use this everyday because I have too many lippies to match up), still i noticed, one or two swipe doesnt really make much of difference to the bullet. little creamier than a matte finish
5) Doesn't dry out on my lips but not moisturizing though. It gives a 

Moreover, I love love the Cranberry. Its a rich berry color . You can use a clear gloss to mix up a small amount of the color and have a subtle berry color or wear it on its own to really brighten up your face .

I am not that confident with purple. Do you think purple would go with my skin tone that well? I know the bullet has been used up almost to half, but I mix it up with other colors as well. So, tell me you opinion on this.
 Do you need more reasons to buy this?
L: Cranberry R: Precious Purple

What I  don't like:
1) The ingredient list comes on the seal in semi transparent microscopic white letters. tell me, would you feel the urge enough to read it?
2) its not moisturizing. I prefer creamy of glossy lipsticks. But this does a decent job though. What more should I expect from such throwaway price?

3) you must read this very carefully: Once I had tried a shade from their coral range, I dont remember the shade name, It has floral patters painted on the tube. It gave me allergy. It was tad dry and within 5 min of application my lips started to feel dry and I had flaked peeling off from my lips. I thought I ighthave been mistaken and tried it a few more times with the same result. I had to throw away the whole new lipstick which I wore only about 3 or four times. :( But this never happened to anyone I know, nor with other shades as well.

So, what do you think of this? Did you try this? How did you like it?


  1. shesher kotha'ta pore khub bhoy pelam. tumi egulo kotha theke kinecho? ami avon'er kono rep akhono khuje paini...

  2. love the precious purple color..where from you got these avon lippies?? are they available at local beauty stores?

  3. u pick such dark dark colors na Nivedita.. :) both are preetyyy

  4. Hi Nivedita, I too have purple lippies. You seem to have warm toned skin, so I think purple will suit you. Only problem is that it may make your skin tone look slightly yellowish, but you can counter that by your choice of blush.

  5. i cant carry lippies..more of lip balm types..wud suggest to my mom :)

  6. meow meow, i know both first hand, and like the colours, but not the dryness :D

  7. Those are some pigmented lippies nivedita...and for the price theyr a steal!!!

  8. @ Kuheli: It can happen to anybody and from any brand. I never had problems with the other shades. Actually we stay so far apart, otherwise I would've suggested my rep. look among your friends if anybody does Avon
    @ Pretty...: No dear. These are direct selling products. You have to look for a rep
    @ Zeeba: Trust me I hate dark colors. but these are actually bright colors. They sow up darker in the pic

  9. @ Poohkie: Thank you so much. Yes, i do have very yellow undertone skin which I would rather call 'overtone' :P Actually I never wore the purple on its own. So, I would surely give it a try then. About the blush. How would I counter the yellow with a blush? Could you give me the details or come up with a post please?
    @ Anshita: Huh!!! Had you said 'aunt' I would have thrown a brickbat at you!!!! Why do you think so? Start with MLBB shades if you want to. It would look great on you because your eyes are soo beautiful.

  10. @ Scarlett: hahahaha> true.
    @ Mehak: True. The colors are so packed with pigments. One swipe is enough for a good coverage. Its a steal that way. Are you using these too?

  11. i agree with poohkie...this colour makes me more yellowish but a blush instantly brightens my look:)

    fab choice Nivedita:)

  12. I'll definitely do a post for you. Just give me a few day coz I want to test out a few blush & liner combinations with the purple lippie. And don't worry, I have a yellow 'overtone' as well!

  13. Cranberry would look awesome on you, hun!xoxo

  14. @ Anamika: Thank you soo much. I'm not too much of a blush addict yet I love to use them.
    @ Poohkie: I'll keenly wait for your post. :) most of us Indian girls have this problem/blessing I guess
    @ Sonali: Thanks girl. I fond you have a thing for bright lippies too

  15. u so love dark colors na..


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