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EOTD with KKcenterHk lashes (ES A720)

Hi, this is my first attempt to wear false lashes. Some time ago KKcenterHK had sent me a few lashes. I watched so many tutes on youtube and also Anamika's beautiful blog. But never realized putting on is actually so difficult. Or is it me who lacks the expertise?
Anyway, here is my EOTD, I quickly put on Oriflame eyeintensity pencil which I got today and used Elle18 liner in Blackout.

My first difficulty was that, the end refused to stick at the ends. taking them off, touching them and repeated use of glue took off almost all of my eye-make up. I'm sure if you have a little skill with these, you wont have this problem. This is the very first time I ever used lashes.
Well, another pic, the liner at the corner got removed while I was trying to stick the lashes

And finally

I never understand how to click my eyes together and not knowing where to look at, end up having a squint. LOL

My overall verdict on the lashes: These handmade lashes looked very natural from a distance. Refer to pic apart from the first one. These are very lightweight and you won't get too much of feeling that you are wearing the lash inserts. I quite liked it . I only wish I had a bit more of mastery