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Goodies from Himalaya- Preview

These days it sems like Himalaya galore is happening to me. Only a week ago I bought so many things from Himalaya and had a mind to come up with reviews. And yesterday only a box arrived. My mum has this scare that with so much of terrorism going on, what if someone sends a bomb!!!!  I had a hard time trying to explain. :P
Anyway, when I opened it, I found these goodies from Himalaya which they have sent to me

 Here is what it looks like
1) Kajal
2) Lip balm
3) Toner ( had used this before. Would come up with this one soon)
4) Body Lotion with  Neem protection ( Newly launched)
5) Fairness Face pack ( newly launched)
6) Neem Scrub ( Newly launched)
7) Sunscreen with SPF 15

So, apart from the products of my haul before needless to say you would be seeing a lot of Himalaya in my blog again.

What do you think? Do you have any preference for the reviews?

Products sent to me by the Company/PR for consideration, but that would not affect my review because my priority is you


  1. oh it is simply wonderful, Nivedita.
    i am quite interested in the neem scrub and the toner.
    my experience with the kajal is not very promising though, it melted in the summer heat the last time i used it.
    but the lip balm and the toner are real winners.

    i'll look forward to the neem scrub review :D

  2. I would soon come up dear as soon as I have used it enough to comment

  3. the neem body lotion and the neem scrub sound good. congrats!

  4. hey nivedita...nice blog ...n really nice reviews....

    p.s:how n from where do u get this kind of free goodies???

  5. Thank you Kuheli. I would come up with a review as soon as I have used a few times,
    @ Pooja: I have been sent the products by the company for review purpose. See, there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the article

  6. Hey Nivedita Congrats... will wait for your reviews on the newly launched stuffs

  7. sayani chatterjee27/3/11 9:53 pm

    My Mom says the exact thing Nivedita...as soon as a package arrives she is driven nuts with horror on her face and she stands aghast as I open my package!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. ...

    @ Shalini. Thank you so much dear. Yes, I would soon come up.
    @ Debaleena: Thank you. I would soon :) :)
    @ Sayani: Hahahahah! Mum's are universally alike. :P Btw, before Poila Boishakh the shops at New Market are not adding to their new stocks. Is Gariahat accessible to you?

  10. dats nice...I love himalaya products...

  11. wow !! cool
    waiting for the review.
    how good is their lip balm ?


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