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I made a little haul. I know its not that big, as I do not normally buy in bulk. This is what my haul looks like
From left
1) Nivea Roll on deo for men ( for my dad). check review here
2) Sunsilk Hair Conditioner (damage repair). would be reviewing soon
3) Himalaya Under eye cream
4) Himalaya Fruit facepack.which I absolutely love. would be reviewing soon.
5) Himalaya Moisturizing skin Lotion for face. Already reviewed here. I also got a facewash free. :)
6) Himalaya night Cream. yes, I am turning into a complete Himalaya girl now!!!!

7) Not skin care, but nevertheless, a comb clip for my unruly hair
8) 4 bangles covered with thread which I loved. I would wear them with kurtis
9) 2 Jordana lipliners.


  1. Nice haul Nivedita!! Waiting for the reviews :D

  2. Thank you Raksha. Do you have anything on mind which you would like me to review first?

  3. lol..m himalaya girl too..nice meeting u :D

  4. @ pretty: Yes. :) same here

    Sumitha: sumitha, you have wait for a week or so because I would give you my first hand experience.

  5. Cute haul, review the himalaya products please. Thanks :)

  6. Nice haul Nivedita :) Himalaya is a trusted brand

  7. very cute haul..i too like himalaya product a lot..waiting for yur reviews:)

  8. hey where did you get the jordana liners from? i thought they are available in Mumbai only.

  9. @ beautydiva: sure. I have already done a review on the moisturizer. Will come up with the rest as well

    @ Shalini: Yes, Himalaya has rightly earned my trust as well.
    @ Tank you Anu.
    @ Doel: At treasure Island, there is a shop called Gitanjali. Its on the first floor. Insist them to show you Jordana liners. Only then would they show you :P But they do have these. They themselves tend to forget

  10. u r such a big himalaya fan....:)

  11. Nice haul. It seems you really like Himalaya products ;)

  12. hey nice haul..I love himalaya too..which lipliners u got ?

  13. u r a big himalaya fan, and u converting me too...i tried the anti dandruff cream based on your review, and it rocks :)

  14. @ Bulbul. can't help it re. Its so good!
    @ Sonali: Had you used, you would have loved it too dear. Its too good .
    @ Bhumika: Its Jordana. One quickliner and one easy liner

    @ Rentu: Yes, it totally rocks!!!!

  15. I've never heard of Himalaya but now you have me totally wanting to try it! Following your blog now :)


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