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Himalaya Face Moisturizing Lotion

With the summer approaching, I would now like to review my skin's summer best friends. I had already reviewed the Neem Face Pack and the Neem Face Wash. Now, its another best friend called Face Moisturizing Lotion from Himalaya. I found this one last year, when Lakme's Peach Milk Moisturizer was withdrawn. I needed to find something so light and hydrating as well. I was on the watch out when I located this one

Another variant is also available for dry skin but since I don't have dry skin, I did not purchase it.
Would like to try that in winter.
I case you want a closer look

 Price and Quantity: 70INr for 100 ml and some 120 loose bucks for 200 ml

What the company claims?..............................+
Directions for use:.......................................+

A closer look

What I like?
1) It is a very very light moisturizer. Perfect in summer for oilies like me.
2) It hydrates my skin and my skin seems to love it s well.
3) Doesn't leave any greasy feeling at all, and my face doesn't become greasy within an hour or two. Not that it prevents oiliness, but it doesn't accelerate it either.
4) Herbal. I don't know if I should believe this or not, still I like it as it never broke me out.
5)My skin feels soothed post application.
6) Tried and tested as make up base. Ensures easier application of base make up.
70 Has no strong smell and the light fragrancealso disappears within a minute.

What I don't like?
1) It fails in winter. As it is not a heavy moisturizer, this is not my thing becasue I have super dry skin in winter which only Nivea classic Cream relieves me from.So, not a winter care product and not for dry skin people.
2) the smell . At first it smells like... ummm... Fevicol? Then it changes into a delightful herbal smell and then totally fades away.

Apart from these I have had no issues and I would definitely repurchase and also recommend this to you if you have super oily skin like me


  1. Great review!!! Will surely try it out:))

  2. Its a good product, thanks for the review :)

  3. good review :)
    but this one is a definite no-no for me :(

    "smells like... ummm... Fevicol" - lol

  4. sounds like s good one for summer, but the smell things a turn off :(

  5. seems like a good product . by the way ow do u compare it woith lotus alpha moist and nuetrogena oil free moisturizer ?

  6. @ Raksha and Beautydiva: Yeah. Worth trying this out

    @ Scarlett and Debaleena: well, i might have exaggerated abit. Its nothing overpowering. same goes to you debaleena

    @ Sumi: Neautrogena did not turn out to be very oil-free on me. It worked good on my sister though. As for Lotus, if you have seen my answer to your previous query, Lotus doesn't suit my skin. I'm allergic to it. So, no help there. :( But this one is really worth a try

  7. I used to love this moisturiser. It was my go-to product for years, but for some reason I haven't bought it in ages. Thanks for reminding me. I've used the one for dry skin in winters. It's very similar to this, just thicker.
    BTW, I haven't forgotten the purple lippie thing, will do it soon. Also, you'd asked about green nail polishes right? Faces has 2 gorgeous green shades. Both are dark greens - 1 is for 99 and the other is for 199 (!!) bucks. The 199 shade is much darker. I have no idea about quality, I haven't bought the nail colours.

  8. I love himalaya face washes..never tried dis bt..

  9. @ Poohkie: hahaha. Ok. So would you recommend the thicker one in winter? I am so looking forward to the post. Its always nice to learn ( at least I love to).
    Faces? really? I think I would try the cheaper one first. What did you try from the brand?

    @ Bhumika: Let me know if you do.

  10. I would recommend it for winter. I'm in Chennai & we get faces in 2 or 3 shops here. But do try pantaloons and big bazaar; I believe it's supposed to be available with them.

  11. Sorry Poohkie, saw your comment today. well, here in Kolkata they are available at pantaloons and also in some shops. I liked their brush a lot

  12. Thanks a lot for the review. I will definitely try this out.. Somehow my skin acts the same way as yours...drier in winter and oily in summer.Looks like this will help!

  13. do you use it right after washing your face? or do you use some toner after washing face?

  14. Try Himalaya Intensive Face Moisturising Lotion in winters.

  15. @ Anon: Thank you. I would love to as you suggested

  16. REJUVINA..PHYTO....HERBCOMPLEX LOTION.. i need to knw how i could get this

  17. @ sam: Please tell me where you live

  18. Do you know if I could find these products in Canadian stores?


  19. @ Anon: I'm sorry. I don't exactly know. but you could look into the Indian Stores in Canada

  20. surely going to try this himalayas product n will wait for results...
    hopefully positive.......)-:

  21. @ jannat: Fingers crossed :)

  22. Thanks this is the best review...i have oily skin in summer...and also sumtime have one or two pimple on my face...would it work for me...bcoz rare products are suits me...:(..


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