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Himalaya Fruit Face Pack

Himalaya Fruit Face Pack, photo, review, swatch
After my little Himalaya haul, it no wonder I would be coming up with reviews of the products from my current favourite brand. Now, I told you that I have three skin's best friends from Himalaya and this one is the last of the lot. I would not keep talking and talking which I tend to do, but would dig into the review straightaway
Himalaya Fruit Face Pack
Now, this face pack is supposed to be used for normal to dry skin. I have very oily skin, still this has
turned into my skin's best friends for the reason you'll soon find out. So read along.

Price and quantity: 100 INR for 75 gm and 160 INR for 200 gm so, not that expensive
my apologies for the bad quality pic.

What the company claims

Now, What I like;

1) It is smooth and not grainy. So. if I have acne, it won't scratch it and give it infection. it is very smooth and almost feels like multani mitti, only smoother.
2) doesn't have any significant fragrance.
3) It is fruit mask. Fruit masks are always good for your skin as they helps you get rid of free radicals to a certain extent as they contain anti-oxidants.
4)This pack helps me get rid of my tan to a great extent. I use it once or twice only and my face freshens up instantly. moreover, it cleans up my face.
5) It soothes my skin. I stay outdoors for hours and at the end of the day, my skin feels burnt or uncomfortable. It gives a kind of relief which my skin seems  to like because I see significant reduction of heat rashes I often develop on my face.
6) It never broke me out, rather soothed my skin.
7) As for the packaging,  it comes with a screw on lid and in a tube. So, hygienic that way. You don't have to dip your finger into it. It is a bit sturdy as well.
8) Comes cheap.
9) Availability of a smaller pack makes it easier to give it a try. you don't waste a whole lot of money if it doesn't suit you. I myself bought the smaller pack first, to give it a try only.

This is reason enough for me to buy the product.

What I dislike;
1) it comes with a screw on cap. So, after I have used it,putting it back makes it a bit messier the pack from my fingers tend to get transferred on the lid .
2) It tingles/gives me a burning sensation, more so if I have exfoliated it before. But nothing compares to the Neem Pack.
Otherwise nothing I can think of at present

Now a pointer:
1) It is meant for dry to normal skin . I have oily, still I use it. So, if you have oily skin, use this at your own discretion.
2) I often use it after I have exfoliated my skin with a peel off.

Do I recommend this? Yes. Of course I do. Last time I bought the 200 gm pack and I simply love it

Have you tried this? how did you like this?


  1. i bought d neem pack yesterday on ur recommendation. bt wd d amount one needs to use evry single time, its gonna finish up pretty soon. how long does d small one last?
    n it didnt tingle on my super sensitive skin..thanks for suggesting ♥

  2. well, take the amount sufficient to cover your face. take a large pea sized amount. If its not enough take out some more. ( My way of figuring out how much I need). let me know how it fares. The smaller tube lasted me quite long I would say. I used it twice a week and it lasted for about 2 months or a bit more I think. Oh, the tingle wont actually casue any harm. It tingles a lot on my skin. Do you have acne issues? ( I still do).

  3. I have used it and yes it tingles quite a but nothing serious...I liked the face mask...its probably the first I bought :) in that department and it worked quite well....one advise to you is that when you think the mask is finished up, cut up the tube in the middle and extract the remaining mask from the tube...trust me it has enough left for one more application....I know it sounds really silly but I do this with all most all my products and I am myself surprised at the amount which gets left behind in the tubes....

  4. not for me :(
    hyper oily skin :((

  5. @ Swati: No no, it perfectly makes sense because that is what I always do. If I cut up a tube, normally I find enough product for upto two or three applications. I never throw them away ans I myself wonder at people who don't. :p
    @ Scarlett; you never tried dear

  6. even i have oily skin, will try this out some day.. great review nivedita... followin you.. :)

  7. hey nivedita, fruit face pack amaro bhison prio..
    though ami himalaya try korini, biotique fruit face pack use korechi and my skin loves it, aetao try korbo ae gorom-a..

  8. @ ginger: thank you so much. Yes, Try it out. It keeps the skin so well conditioned.
    @ prerana: Tumi Himalaya try koro ami Biotique ebar. Ajkal face pack lagate besh lagchhe. skin dekhlam besh bhalo thake. gorome aramo hobe. Ashole ami eto olosh na!!! :(

    @ bhumika: Yep. Try it out. Its quite good

  9. @ Anshita: If you have loved the Neem, do try this one too. I'm so in love with these. <3

  10. interesting lagche aami fresh fruits face'e use kori.. next eei pack try kore dekhbo :)

  11. @ Shreya: Ha, give it a try. Its good. Ki pack use koro? Please share. It would be helpful for the readers of my blog

  12. Aami direct papaya pulp and lemon juice mix kore ni .. me being combi acne prone i like citrus fruits on face and with papaya they dont dry my skin. Always freshly available takhe and tan is also removed.

    Sorry english bangla mix korlam :) im l'll comfortable like that :)

  13. No problem Shreya. Thank you for the tip. mio try korbo


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