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Himalaya Gentle Refreshing Toner

Friends I have already tried the scrub yesterday. I want to try a few more times until I am in a position to give you my wise comments. :P I would soon come up with them as well. So, I decided to begin with products I had used before. This was the last toner that I had used and greatly loved. I had tried a few toners like Lakme, Ayur, etc. but I was not happy. My sister had bought the Himalaya Toner, after which I had headed for the store. Last time I went shopping I wanted to buy this again, but I actually forgot to get it. I was making do with rose water temporarily after I had finished my bottle and I wanted to go shopping again when I would be getting this one, before that could happen I received this for review purpose. So much the better.

Price: 70 INR
Quantity: 100 ml 

Everything you need to know
Yet, let me give you a closer look
What the Company claims?

Direction for application:
What I like?
1) It is alcohol free. Most of the toners and astringents contain alcohol. for oily skinned people, astringents are more often recommended as they minimize the pore and strips off the skin from oil. Beware!! That is actually harmful in the long term, because a little oil is necessary to keep the skin moisturized preventing it from aging. Astringents not only strips the skin off from all the oil and moisture. Besides, chemically alcohol is a dehydrating agent. So, alcohol takes off the moisture and your pores shrink in size. Its a temporary relief which would result in long term harm.
2) Comes cheap ( for me) and the quantity is good..
3) It smells really fresh and rejuvenating. It has a light jasmine smell but not the strong smell of jasmine found in hair oils.
4) It relieves my skin from the stretchy feeling post face wash.
5) I wont say it keeps oiliness at bay, but it does not make the skin oily.
The first time I had used it I thought it makes the skin oily. One of my friends also thought so on the first application. But that is because it relieves stretchiness, it gives the impression that its oily. on my second and third use I came to realize this.
6) The packaging is quite nice. Its a screw on lid with a small aperture on top. so, no chance of accidentally getting opened in your travel bag and spilling on everything.
What I do is, I transfer the toner to a spray bottle and just mist my face ( except for the eye area) and let it dry up before I put on moisturizer. Its hygienic that way too and also there is not much of wastage..
7) Never broke me out

What I don't like about this?
1) It does not minimize my pores significantly.
2) I might be too demanding, but I would prefer my toner in a spray bottle.
3) It contains parabens. But that doesn't bug me that much.
4) It claims to be herbal. But at the end it says 'bhava prakasha' means according to the composition. So, if you are under the impression that it comes straight from a garden, it is not so. If even one ingredient goes even a thousand time through precessing before which it was a flower or a leaf, even then, it can be called herbal. but I am personally ok with this because anything that works for my skin is welcome to me

Apart from this, I have no complaint. As I said I was actually about to repurchase this.

Do I recommend? Yes. It is quite good and inexpensive. Worth giving a try
Shall I repurchase? Yes. Of course. I was about to.

Have you used this product? What was your experience like? Please share with me

The product was sent to me by the Company/PR for consideration. But that has not affected my review.


  1. i'm like always in a search for a good toner. haar ke i was finally thinking of going for clinique. i'll try this one before making my decision now

  2. i am addicted to toners..though no one toner reduces pores but constant use of them do:)

    nice review as always:)

  3. sayani chatterjee28/3/11 3:07 pm

    any idea how this will turn up when compared to Lotus Basiltone?

  4. Great review Nivedita!! Looks nice :D

  5. hi Niv, thanks for the review :)

    i am 'dukhi beral' now - no more Pinter classes :(

  6. @ Anshita: Give this a try before any other. Its inexpensive, so not bad that way too.
    @ Anu: Thanks for the review. You are right. With regular use i had started to notice a difference. I would start using this one again.
    @ Sayani: no.
    @ Bhumika: Thank you. :)
    @ Raksha: Thank you. If you use, do share your experience dear.
    @ Scarlett: thank you so much. Yes, Thats a pity, But I wont mind though, Monday is a holiday for me then. Yippie!

  7. tumi ti himalaya-ar brand ambassador hoe gacho nivedita!!

  8. Hahahahahah! Shei obostha. Nije ekkari kinlam, ekkari pathalo. Ebar tomra mo diye poro. Tobe ha, shotti Himalaya productse ami bhishon khushi. Khub bhalo suit korechhe

  9. after reading ur post i bought this a few days back. I have an oily skin. And post the application my skin appears very greasy and kinda sticky not only after the first application but after every application. do u have any solution?? :(

  10. @ Shamli: I'm sorry to hear that. I guess that happened because each skin responds differently. Here are two ways you could try

    1) Transfer it to a pray bottle. Just mist your face and dab your clean towel on your face to let the toner spread and yet soak up the extra. This is how I use.

    2) You cn also dilute it with rose water. Say with Dabur Gulabari. That way, it should become more dilute and should not leave any stickiness. Hope this helps and let me know about it. Ok?

  11. thank you so much..will surely try one of these and let u know..:)

  12. @ Shamli: You are welcome. Had I been in your shoes, i would have felt disappointed too. it feels very bad when we spend our money on products that we don't like. :)

  13. I was going through your posts on toners, and I used to share the common neglect for toner. But since I realized how it keeps the skin from sweating and becoming a frying pan, I have been wanting to get a good one. Now good ones are the expensive ones! The Oriflame toner is more than 400/- and though it does a really good job and doesn't leave any residue unlike the Himalaya Toner, it is really expensive. I'm confused!!


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