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Lakme Eye Color Quartet-Desert Rose

Hello friends
I know I ought to review this long ago, but somehow, never managed to. Anyway its always better late than never and so I want to review this most versatile quad that I ever came across. Apart from the product I love the name 'quartet' which is a musical term. You all know that it means a musical piece in which four instruments are used, each joining the other subsequently. And this mute art of make up is no less harmonious than a musical piece. Correct me if I am wrong.

The quad has four colors, a yellowish beige, a bright copper, a pinkish peach and a deep plum/maroon. You can add a smokey effect by also using a black shadow along with these or wear it in any combination to achieve your everyday look or a special day look
Now, this is what Lakme claims
Click on the image to find the ingredients, weight, what the company claims etc.

Price: I had bought this one for 250 INR, but the price has been hiked upto 450 INR!!!!!! *groan*

As this is a quick review, I'm not going to dig into too many aspects and move on straight into the pros and the cons.

1) The colors are so wearable. You can wear it everyday, or change the combination to wear it for parties or special occasions.
2) The colors are quite pigmented and stays put for quite sometime but not all day though. But then, this is a drugstore product.
3) The quantity is quite good and a very little amount is required. Even having used so frequently, i haven't hit the pan.
4) Contains shimmers that brightens up the eye make up, but the shimmers are very fine and not chunky at all. I love the way they are.
5) with a bit of care, almost nil fall out.
the swatches
one swipe each

1) Why do they hike up the price so sky high for nothing at all?
2)people who do not strictly like shimmer, might not like this.
3) The applicator that comes with is quite useless and flakes off within two or three applications. A little brush would have been good.

Shall I repurchase? Yes. I dont think I would ever manage to finish this one and I would get bored of this, But I would definitely try the other quads as well. I'm looking forward to the fantasy collection.

Do I recommend? Yes. But if you hate shimmers. you 'might' not like this that well.

Have you used this? How do you like this?


  1. i like them too.. and u have used them quite often..can c by the dent:P

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  3. I got 3 quads- moondust, desert rose and tanjore rush. I love them all.... I like the shimmery look very much. Btw the 'henna gold' shade in tanjore rush is my fav. Thanks for the review :)

  4. @ Anu: Ya. Most of the times I'm in a hurry and run off with eye pencils or liners only. Yet this is my most used one.

    @ Ik" Thank you. I would love to join.

    @ Beautydiva: I love that color too. But I have a close dupe of it in maybelline and I'm trying to finish up a shade or two becasue I've got so many greens with me right now

  5. i have the peacock one. it's ok, bt i hate their price. ato daam baraba'r ki ache re baba!

  6. Just finished writing the purple lippie post. Check it out & let me know if you find it helpful. Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to experiment.

  7. I wish i were in india to get those beauties..:)

  8. @ Linhy: Thank you.
    @ Bulbul. So do I. But still I fond the quantity and the quality worth shelling it out.

    @ poohkie. Checked it. I dont know how to thank you more. Its one of the best posts also in terms of usefulness.

    @ Sumitha: Where are you from? I'm sure you also have some pretties at which we would only keep ogling unable lay our hands on them. lol

  9. i do not mind the shimmer, and the colour scheme presented in the quartet is so delicate and beautiful!

  10. ya i got dat too....i love d dark shade bleded wid kajal...gives gud smokey eye look.......


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