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Maybelline dream Mousse Bronzer

Maybelline dream Mousse Bronzer, photo, review, swatches

With the summer approaching, its time that we take out our bronzers.I am a big fan of bronzers, although its my least used products. This is because my skin is so oily in summer. If I use bronzer on top of that, it would look all the shiny and oily. But, in order to appease my temptation, I got hold of Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer and I seem to be loving it.
Isn't the little pot so lovely?
My shade is No 10 Glistening Sun.
Price: 180 INR as far as I remember
Quantity: 5.75gm/.20 oz
it comes in a cute little tub as that of the blushes. I had actually fallen in love with the tub itself.
Ingredients: Please take a look. if you click on the picture, the components are distinctly legible.
How I use it?
Since I have oily skin, using it the way bronzers should be used would make my skin look overtly oily. And since Indian skin tone is dark, I think we have naturally what Caucasian people tries to achieve. But I would like to ad an oomph to my skin. So, I use this golden bronzer as mainly a high lighter, on top of my cheek bones, on eye lids, a little on the bridge of my nose and it seems to do a wonderful job.I also use it on my collar bones. I love the end effect.You can also mix a little bit with body lotions and use it on your hands and legs if you are wearing shorter dresses or sleeveless dresses. the golden looks amazing.

Now, as for the product ,
what I like:
1) The quality is pretty good for the price. The shimmers are very fine and cannot be discerned separately. It gives the perfect sheen.
2) for day wear, if you are not comfortable to carry off eye shadows, a little on the lids would make them beautiful.
3) It is rightly pigmented. Nothing OTT , enough to suit your purpose.
5) Blends beautifully.
6) Non oily. It is really oil free as I found.
7) Comes in  a sturdy cute glass jar. I prefer this because it is easier to take out.

What I don't like:
1) The only complaint I have is that, it balls up/clumps up a bit while blending. But if you rub the clumps between your fingers a bit, if works fine again.
2) Comes in a pot. so not hygienic but had it come in a tube, it would have been.too difficult to take it out and we would have ended up wasting a lot of product. But I would have preferred this had it been a of a softer texture

This is how it looks on my hand, notice the golden sheen

I love the golden sheen. i have a thing for golden color in my eye  make up or anywhere else.

What do you think of this?


  1. Me too have this and love using it <3

  2. i wud get it someday..wen i master d art of all this ;)

  3. i have seen this and thanks for the review. the gold looks so niceee

  4. nice review..i'm yet to start using a bronzer. this one's quite affordable!

  5. I have been eyeing on this thing for a while, and now I guess I should get that as I too love all things golden :D

  6. nice review..bt d blush price is 180...dis I guess is sum 350-375..do check..

  7. sayani chatterjee26/3/11 10:59 pm

    I have been using this for a very long time as body bronzer since I have oily skin and needless to say I love it!

  8. sayani chatterjee26/3/11 11:22 pm

    At shoppers stop the current price is 199INR

  9. @ Raksha: Yes I know dear. That time only I told you that I was also using this
    @ Anshita: come on, I'm very clumsy as well. Its not that difficult
    @ Anju: Yes, its a lovely gold
    @ Debaleena: TRy this one first. a good investment for sure
    @ pretty: Yup. me all for gold too. :P
    @ bhumika; no no, this one is really not that expensive somewhere withing 200. When I had bought this one, I remember, it was withing 200 INr and here Shayani has helpfully put in the price.

    @ Shayani: Thank you so much dear for telling the exact price

  10. hi Niv, first, i wanna thank you for the help with 'Geetanjali'. i got the Velcros. they are in a pretty pink shade.

    the bronzer looks good on your skin. if i get my hands on it, i will try it as a eye-shadow, like i do with that dark peach blush.

  11. The honors are mine dear Scarlett. Try the Velcroes and do let me know how it worked for you and since you have such long hair, use small sections only.

    Thank you so much. Yes, what was the blush?

  12. it was Lakme Pure Rouge - Peach Affair.

    if possible, i'll tell you how the Velcros turned out on monday :)

  13. Thank you Scarlett. I had a mind of buying that one as well. I dont know why I never end up buying it. :( You have motivated me again

  14. sayani chatterjee27/3/11 3:53 pm

    pleasure Nivedita! any luck with the availability of Mono Eyeshadows?

  15. Hello, Thanks for this article. I recently noticed that in using the Physicians Formula Powder bronzer, my skin was super oily. I thought it was my foundation but it wasnt. I'v never tried the mouse bronzer, but after reading this review, I will try it.



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