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Maybelline Watershine Lipstick, Rose Jam, Bronze Strass and Sweet Wine

Maybelline Watershine Lipstick, Rose Jam, Broze Strass and Sweet Wine, photo, review, swatches
Hi, today I'm going to post about.. well... something not unfamiliar in the blogoshpere. Yes, it is our good old Maybelline Watershine lipstick. I have been using Maybelline only for about three or four years and I find them soo nice and yet cheap. since you are already familiar with these, let me get into the review

 From this pink tube range I have only three. there is also a new range rather an old wine in new bottle which is called Watershine Pure ( review coming up soon).
Price: 220 INR
Quantity: 4 gm
Ingredients: It was written in microscopic white letters against the transparent seal. I could not read it.
What the company claims?

Why You’ll Love It

  • A splashy wet shine look and brilliant color for yummy looking lips
  • Conditioners to keep your lips perfectly moisturized
  • A lip smacking treat that glides on like a dream.


Apply your lipstick by starting in the center of your lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip for a gorgeous wet shine finish.

Number of shades available: 8
I have only three of these

Click on the pictures to read the shade names. From left to right they are Rose Jam 10, sweet wine 56 and Bronze strass 115
Now my take on these.
the likes:
1) Comes cheap
2) comes in a variety of colors and not necessarily the 'aunty' ones. They have beautiful pinks
3) When freshly applied, it indeed looks watery.
4) When its gone, it leaves a beautiful tint.
5) my lips, although are very dry, doesn't dry up when the lipstick is gone.
6) The fragrance is mild and not overwhelming which again dissolves within a minute or two of application
L: Rose Jam M: Sweet Wine R: Bronze Strass

Swatches in respective order

The Rose Jam is my most favourite as you can see how small the bullet has become. I like the bronze Strass  but I dont like browns. So, it although is older than Rose Jam sits in a corner. The sweet wine is the newest. I received it as a freebie with my purchases and lippies always make me happy. :)

What I don't like:
1) Its poor staying power. It goes off/dries up ( I don't know which) completely within an hour on my lips. You can expect it to be 40 min max ( lippies even , glosses for some reason stay on my lips longer than people I have known). But to compensate it, it leaves a beautiful stain and my lips don't feel dry although not lip balmish soft either.
2) The package is soo flimsy.  and is cheap to look at or hold. I expect much better from Maybelline.
 3) the Color Pay off is too bad. I would rather buy tinted lip balms. Why spend money on these? At first I was so in love with them, but later I realize I shouldn't have been so impulsive about these.

Do I recommend? well if you are a gloss person planning to give lipsticks a try it for you. If you are a lipstick person, stay away.
Shall I repurchase? Hmmph! Tricky. I so love the Rose Jam that I always want it in my collection


  1. as i have already stated, rose jam is my fav too!!! yes true it does not stay long but for mr it lasts def for more than an hr. then it leaves a stain that lasts for some more time but eventually the stain disappears in patches!

  2. Rose Jam looks lovely! Never heard of this range before, thanks for the review x

  3. love the rose jam..thanks for the review.. :)

  4. sayani chatterjee18/3/11 12:26 am

    I too love Rose Jam a lot.Having used these lipsticks for more than 2 years now,I must say that I love them over their new counterparts....Watershine Pure lipsticks.In this pink tube range I have Iced Tea(nude) and Purple Diamonds(dark shimmery pink,eta tumi please dekho Nivedita beautiful shade) along with the ones you have swatched above.

  5. I love these too. I have rose jam and 2 others. These are the perfect lippies to carry in the bag IMO.

  6. have used the moccachino brown shade....was very happy initially because it was not too glossy, but now its just lying unused.....does not stay for long .. and somehow i find the smell overpowering...:P

  7. sweet wine gets my vote.
    its supaaah tempting ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  8. @ Bhumi: Yes. It is
    @ Debaleena: usually I'm not a big fan of pinks. But this has won over my heart. but no patchiness for me.Maybe because I don't eat that much when I'm not home
    @ Gaby: Unfortunately, Maybelline sells their ancient lines here in India. Even the Moisture Extreme Beige range is sold as Color Sensational Moisture extreme or something like that which was launched about a year or two ago in the UK.
    @ Sumitha: The pleasure is mine dear.
    @ Sayani: My sister has the Puple Diamond and its a beautiful shade too. Personally I'm not fanatic about nude lippies. my 5 or 6 shades are enough. since this is almost like a lip balm, the nudes wont show up that well. I would rather go for nudes in the Moisture Extreme Range. Btw, I asked two or the shops at New market. They would have it brought down. I would let you know in time

  9. poohkie: wow. true, these are so 'carry on the purse' kind but I'm afraid if this will melt in summer if i carry it outside.
    @ Raksha: Its really more lovely . The lenses do not do a proper justice to the shade.
    @ Shiny: How about gifting that to a friend you know ? lol. The smell actually vanishes in a while. Give it a try and see. :) :)
    @ Scarlett; I haven't worn it that many times dear. Hardly once or twice.

  10. @ Nivedita: i don't remember you wearing this one at all. like all your other readers, my judgement was based on the swatches pic you posted in this article :)

    btw, the fluid, shiny/glossy look is totally my thing, so thumbs up.


  11. rose jam really looks yum!!! great colors u got there

  12. Like rose jam.. and i'm wondering how'd sweet wine look on me!
    Great post!

    I'm new to blogging, follow me at


  13. @ Scarlett: Thats what I assume dear. Happy Holi to you. Yep. These are very beautiful.
    @ Anju: Thanks dear. You lip colors are always amazing as well.
    @ Tanya: Try it you. Its a beautiful color and should suit all skin tones.
    Thank you dear


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