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My hair!!!

Today I went to attend my cousin's wedding reception. We were running short of time and I wanted do something with my hair. I am tired of my wavy look and which again goes flat on top. I took a quick shower, and hoping to add some volume, I out my damp hair into some velcroes with hair pins and let it air dry. I didn't realize what they would do to me. Yes, my velcores are not the big ones but regular and small ones. I did not put any hair product and after I got dressed I took off the velcroes and lo! this is what my hair looked like!!!
My hair is very stubborn which refuses to straighten up. I even had tried very good straightners, but nothing keeps my hair straght for more than an hour or so and it would get back to its wavy texture. Perhaps my hair holds curls better. See this.  A closer look
 I know it looks a bit frizzy, but you have to consider, I did not use ANY hair products apart from a little serum. With proper products, this might look neater. here are my velcroes

So, what do you think of this?


  1. arey darun lagche toh! ar ki sejechili post koris. accha, ei velcroes ta ki jinis thik bujhlam na. ektu bujhiye de,tahole amio kinbo. :P

    btw, ami toke 'tui' kore dakte pari toh? 'tumi' ta boddo formal lage.

  2. lovely!!! i myself have extreme wavy hair, but thankfully flat irons help!!! but hey ur look is simply gorgeous.. i am so gonna try it out!!!
    btw kuheli er comment dekhe aami o encourage hoyechhi bangla te comment korte :) Yay yay!!!

  3. khoob bhalo :)
    Good job I must say..BTW you stopped visiting me :(

  4. Sure. I guess amio 'tui' korei bolbo. amaro exactly tumi tumi beparta ashe na.
    Velcro holo ekrokom roller. I will come up with a post soon if you want me to. janash kintu

    @ Suma: Ami litt akash theke porlam tomar mukhe Bangla shune!! I thought you are from Pune itself. hat a surprise!!!! Ekdom banglay comment korbe. Amar khub bhalo lagbe. Ha, velcro methos khub bhalo. heat chhara hoy fole almost zero hair damage
    @ Debaleena: Thank you so much. Ekdom orom na. I did visit. Kichhudin khub dourjhap jachhe and ami casual comment kora pochhondo kori na. Ami onek comment kori na but I give it a good thought. Koydin eshei chole jachhi. And Mumbai poster pore ami oidhoroner post aro expect korchhi tomar theke

  5. hey this looks nice, from your profile pic i thought u had poker straight hair

  6. I had no idea you had wavy hair. From your DP I thought it was straight.

  7. ha,definitely. amio vabchilam toke request kori velcro niye akta post likhte. khub valo idea.

    @Suma, arey,tumio bangali naki? darun obaak hoye gechi! darun bepar toh! :)

  8. seriously this is looking fab.. :) great job Nivedita:)

  9. @ Rentu and Poohkie: The dp pic was my last attempt at straghtening my hair. Having used L'Oreal Salon Straght and the highest temperature of my sister's Remmington steam straightners, I thought this was it. My hair would act like I wanted it to. After the pics were shot, within 30min my hair became as it was. So, this is the last pic in which I have poker straight. :(

    @ Anamika: Thank you soooo much. :)) You also have wavy hair na?

  10. oh, wow!
    simply GORGEOUS!!

  11. ur hair look so cutee in this...I have straight hair..so I love curls :p
    as its always d opp na..

  12. your hair look awsome here :) ...

  13. I love curls!!! mine just refuses to curl so I totally understand how annoying it is when the entire effort is washed out in like an hour! :P
    you have beautiful hair! :)

  14. @ Bhumika: Thank you. hahahahah. true. But these days I'm loving my natural texture. :P finally reconciled with my hair.
    @ Shalini: Thank you so much dear.

    @ Ik.Hahahahah! true. Its so frustrating. Its all the more frustrating if you try to do your hair for almost 30 min and end up having nothing( me trying for straight hair:P) Loving curls these days. Did you try velcroes? but if you have thick straght hair, it might not work for you

  15. hi nivs neever thought u had a wavy hair. but simply loved those curls. please write a step by step tutorial on how to curl hair .
    ve no clue

  16. hahahah. Sure Sumi. I would come up with a post as soon as I can. Lately I am a bit caught up with this and that.

  17. Wow. What wonderful curls. My hair is the opposite: stubbornly straight. It won't hold any curls at all. I wish I can curl my hair!

    I think it looks great!


  18. sayani chatterjee24/4/11 12:21 pm

    egulo kothaaai bhalo pawa jai re?dokaaner naam janash

  19. So, this is my formal request :P Please "how to curl hair" nie ekta tutorial lekh! Amar moto hopeless public er jonno! Velcro ki jinis bujhlam, but kothay pabo? Kon size, ki material, price keomn hoy etc. Alos, ki soray etc use korte hoy? Kotokhkhon thake? I am so confused! Tor post na pele amake parlour gie curl korate hobe!! :(

  20. Aaaaa... na na, the informal one was sufficient dear.


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