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lately I'm getting a bit caught up with this and that so I'm not able to come up with a full fledged review. I have also got hold of a few products, but couldn't click them to show you. :( as of now, I'm going to do a quick NOTD.
by the week end I promise I would come up with the post of my velcroes. I have to click good pic to explain. otherwise there is no point of coming up with a tutorial post. so please bear with me for a while.

now. the color I am wearing
its 'NUDE' from Maybelline Colorama. I'm not loving the color that much because I have right the same color as this one in my Avon Simply pretty Nail Colors and I'm simply bored of it.
Haven't mastered the art yet.
The grains are actually maida. My mum accidentally spilled a little bit on my hand .

what do you think of the color?


  1. but i loved it and gosh u have such beautiful nails :) u can be a hand model any day :)

  2. your nails are so long and beautifully shaped and sexy. :)) picture background ta khub valo btw...

  3. I've been looking for this shade for ages & I bought it just a few days ago. So I like it a lot. And your nails look amazing. Do you have any problems with snags in your nails or small cuts on your nails? I always do when I grow my nails :(

  4. dats such a nice pink nivedita, i love maybelline n/p s too...

  5. @ Anamika: This time I feel really flattered and don't blame me. :P Thanka a ton dear
    @ Kuheli: Thank you so much. ha chhobita balisher upor rekhe tola :P
    @ poohkie: thank you> I am simply bored of it. :( No I usually dont have any such problems because my nails are really very strong and thicker than normal. It even grows very fast. This is my seven-days length But well, I always accidentally scratch my acne and get infections. :( :( So, each weekend I cut them back short. :(

  6. @ Nupur: Thank you so much.. Yes, if you are a drugstore person like me how can we resist? :P

  7. hey!! I find maybelline nailpaints the best and the cheapest.. m having problem with growing my nails though.. nice post sweety

  8. I have this color :))))) and love it

  9. I have dis color n sooo love it...

  10. Thank you ginger.
    Thank you Scarlett.
    Debaleena: Yes, it is. wishI could say the same about loving it. :(

    @ bhumika: Its pretty

  11. I, myself, am not a huge fan of pinks like this, but I think this looks really pretty on you!



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