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Oriflame Absolute Concealer for Eyes

Oriflame Absolute Concealer for Eyes, photo, review, swatches
I wanted to review my concealers. So, this is the second post.I don't want to spend to much of time on this concealer. And I'm taking away the suspense because I hereby declare its not worthwhile. :) let me get into the review straightaway
Price: 199 INR approx
Quantity: 10 ml
Ingredients: Not listed
Number of shades available: Only two. Pink and Gold.

What the company claims : Nothing if I go by the tube. But the brochure had mentioned certain things which I don't remember.
What I like:
nothing much.
1) good quantity:
2) the nozzle mouth ensures no messy application.
3) Lightweight.

What I dislike:
1) Low on pigments and it UTTERLY FAILS to hide any under-eye darkness or any blemishes. Its so sheer it wiuld've been better as a tinted moisturizer I think.
2) Since only two shades are available you cant match it with your skintone. The gold one has yellow undertones. Yet, it is tad white!!

1) It has tiny almost invisible shimmer particles which might brighten up the eye area although wont hide anything and this way would draw more attention to the dark circles and blemishes also making them look ashy.
2) It worked as a good eye base. I pat-blended a tiny amount and my eye-shadow looked much brighter which I liked.

Cant tell about creasing because I didn't wear it that long since I didn't want any of those negative things it does. No dark-circle girls might use it under the eye area in order to highlight it. That's all
Do I recommend? No.
Shall I repurchase? Not at all. its a sheer wastage of money.


  1. thanks nivedita for this review...i was planning to give it a try...but now, i won't. thanks for saving my 200 bucks..:D

  2. Thanks for reviewing this, I was thinking of getting it. I won't now. Why are reasonably priced concealers so hard to find?! I'll wait for your other concealer reviews.

  3. nice review dea..thnx for followin meh..following bk..

  4. hi Niv, good one. i really did not see any significant/major difference on your skin in the before and after pics... maybe the effect was subtle... too subtle to buy it...

    c u on friday :))

  5. v nice review!
    and thank you for the super nice comment!!

  6. @ Bulbul. Dont tough this even with a bargepole.
    @ Poohkie: thats what even I wonder. Even Maybelline has so many concealers, but they never launch it here. Do they assume we have most perfect skin that can be fixed only with a foundation!!!
    @ Butterfly: Thank you. I actually liked your blog
    @ Scarlett: yeah. Its too subtle to be seen. :D
    @ Debaleena: You totally deserve it. But you should really think about it

  7. Hey Nivedita..was out of town for a while so couldn't reply your mail or visit your posts..how u dong??

    and impressive review one again :)will skip this product :)

  8. Hey Annu, I was actually wondering I didn't get to here from you. Were you on a trip?

  9. Thank you. Yes. Stay away from this product as much as you can

  10. ohh..thanks for the review..wud stay away..

  11. omg, thank you for information


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