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Oriflame Visions Lipsticks

Hi there
First of all, my apologies, I could not click the pictures for velcroes, but don't be cross, I'll be doing them pretty soon. In the mean time I want to review Oriflame Visions lipsticks which i have been using for some time. So, its time, the products should be reviewed.
Now, this is quite cheap a product. I had received one of these as a gift, and then, I loved to so much that I ordered them. I had got quite a few but gifted to to my friends( of course the unused ones!!!) Presently I have only two of these, so you'll get to see only two.
I dont remember all the details of the product, but I'll be reviewing them with certain parameters which should help.

Now, the price: Something around 60 or 70 INR.
Quantity: I think around 2 grams. Not unfair for such cheap price huh?
L : Almond Brown 5099 R Pink Lips 5097

my take:
The Likes:
1) Its a wide selection of colors. I think there are around 18 shades ranging from browns to pinks and nudes.
2) They smell deliciously of milk chocolates. Its just too yummy and I am convinced this might contain cocoa butter. The product doesnt claim so. I am under this impression becasue they smell so much of chocolate. I know this is weird, but well, I am still under this notion.

2) The pigmentation is quite good. Not like high end brands though. But still, one swipe is enough to give you plenty of colors on your lips and two swipes for a good coverage.
3) Easy to carry around
4) so petite !! can be arried around.
5) So cheap and affordable. Almost everyone can afford it I think. it will come handy to newbies in make up or school/college students or people with short budget who would like to have a broad spectrum of colors.
6) Stays put for quite sometime

:: Almond Brown R: Pink Lips
What I don't like:
I don't expect too much from such pocket friendly products yet

1) I don't like the packaging. After sometime, the cap becomes a bit loose and is a bit to flimsy.
2) I wish these were available at the stores, so could be always available. We have to get a representative to get these.

Now, my my, my lips. :p
Almond brown

Pink Lips

So what do you think of these?


  1. wow...ur lips...so pouty and pretty..:D i saw these lippies on catalog, but i thght they might not be long-stay. but i like the variety of shades. 'pink lips' is very nice. hey, ki lipliner lagiyechis btw?

  2. You have very pretty lips, Nivedita, and I think Pink Lips looks gorgeous!


  3. The pink one is very pretty!!

  4. Pink Lips looks pretty! Never heard of this brand though x

  5. ur lips look great. love both colors. thanks for the review

  6. Great review nivedita, thanks :) These are the first lippies i had used, still love them :D

  7. @ Anshita: You are now making me feel too proud
    @ Bulbul: thank you. No dear, i'm not wearing any lip liner. Uts just that my lips are very defined and I put my lipsticks carefully at the edges. Apart from this, the light has played its trick.
    @ fiona; thank you so much dear. yeah, the pink one is nice, but I did not wear it much.
    @ Raksha: thank you so much.
    @ G A B Y: Thank you. well, this is a direct selling product. Which country are you from?
    @ Anju: I so love your as well. :P so puty. Thank you for checking and appreciating dear.

    @ Beautydiva: Who can but fall in love with these? Thank you so much

  8. Love the Pink Lips shade, it looks so natural and pretty on your lips, hun xoxo


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