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Random Summer talks

I'm a bit of bored to review stuff. Although I would soon start my reviews again, I decided to come up with a few random tips I personally like and swear by.

1) Never forget sunscreen not only while stepping out, while indoors to never forget it. protection from sun would keep wrinkles, acne, pimples an aging at bay.

A special tip that worked from the owner of the Salon where I get my hair cut done, moisturize even if you are wearing sunscreen on a hot summer day. If your skin is dry, it is more prone to sun damage.

Tan is actually a sign that your skin is damaged. So, for people who love tans, its better to fake it than have it real. Its the only time fake is better than real. :)

2) Never forget to moisturize. I have oily skin, still moisturizing actually keeps my skin very healthy. If you don't , to maintain the oil balance, your skin produces more oil to keep it moisturized. Wearing a moisturizer, dupes your skin to think its there, and so, produces less oil. it also prevents wrinkles and everythign women shudder at. This is a tip even Demi Moore swears by. So, don't think I made it up all by myself or it only worked for me. If you have too oily skin, don't worry, a CTM routine with a very light moisturizer would help. ( Himalaya Face Moisturizer for all skin types would be my favorite. Check the review here)

3) Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. It would keep your body odor at bay as more the excretion, the more dilute the oil, sebum, etc in your sweat, so you don't stink. Moreover, it keeps your skin good, body fit and you feel less drowsy even on hot summer days.

4) Wear big big shades and protect your eyes and the delicate skin around it, also keep up the oomph in your fashion quotient.

5) Do not wear lipsticks paler than your skin tone. Come on, you haven't blrached your lips pale!! It makes you look ugly. Use a shade in your natural liptone or your own skintone if you want to achieve the Malibu barbie style  and never leave your eyes bare with a nude lip color. Line your eye heavily with liners or eye makes up of your choice.

6) Keep your skin i na good condition. Any facepack that suits you, use it at least twice a week and follow up with a moisturizer. It will keep it conditioned.

This is just a reminder, and most of it is nothing new. Still , with summer round the corner recalling the tips might be helpful to you. What do you think?

Btw, my blog has been tagged as the blog of the week. I am so moved at the lovely gesture from one of my fellow bloggers with whom I never even had a conversation. To check out her blog and the post click here
She also has a beautiful blog. Please check it out


  1. Nice tips, quite useful. tell me one thing, which brand is best for sunglasses?(I kno, its not a beauty q..but still I need a suggestion from u :D)

  2. Thanks for the great tips. And congratsss :D

  3. Nivedita, I didn't know that staying hydrated will make me feel less drowsy. Thanks for the tip :-)

  4. @ pretty: Thats a tricky question. Look for any good and reputed brand and look for UV protection. Any brand would make do. I got a Fastrack a few days back
    @ Beauty: You are welcome dear. Hey, why is it I'm seeing so less of you?
    @ Bhumika: Thank you so much
    @ Uzma: Yesh. Its something I noticed. Rather one of my firends pointed out this to me.

  5. @ nivedita: okz, thankies :)

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