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Velcro Rollers and how to

Well, you all wanted me to post about velcroes. Now, what is exactly a Velcro? Well, the name is quite intimidating and suggests something very big. No, its simply a kind of hair roller.
There are several kind of hair rollers that may be used for the non-heat curling technique and Velcro is also one of those. Again, velcroes are not that kind in which you can sleep. You can roll up your hair with sponge rollers and leave it over night because sponges are soft and won’t hurt your head if you sleep in them. Velcroes are rigid and has small gaps on the surface to ensure air-low which would dry the hair faster accelerating the process.See, the small gaps
Depending on the size the velcroes function differently. If you use the large velcros, it would give height to your hair and smooth it down giving a groomed look. Mine are medium which would give you effective bigger curls. I also have a still smaller size which gives tighter curls. The middle one is the smaller one if you can recognize

Mine are also self grip. See the tiny barbs. It stays on the hair on it own.

Since my hair is long, the whole surface of the pieces get covered and the barbs are not left free to hold. Apart from this, I like to do things neat. So, after I roll up my hair in section with the velcroes, I put a bobby pin and additionally pin the hair and the Velcro down in place.
The bobby pin part should go downwards , that is, towards the roots

What I do is: take small sections of my hair and roll it towards my scalp, starting from the top of my head.
Pin them up and leave them on for an hour or two. Don’t worry you won’t have to sit up straight. You can do your work leaving them to do their job.
After an hour or so, when the hair is dry, I give them a blast of hot air from my dryer. You can skip this step of course. Its only to ensure a better styling. If I use the dryer, I normally leave the velcroes in place for around 15 or 20 min for the hair to set. Hot hair wont stay in place. It is most pliable when it is hot. If you leave hot hair in certain structure, it would stay in place.
Last, don’t tug you hair while taking out the velcroes. Roll it in the opposite to the direction of which you rolled up. Otherwise, you would end up tangling your hair.

Tadaaaa, you are done.

A Pointer:  DO NOT PUT ON VELCROES ON COMPLETELY WET HAIR. USE THEM ONLY ON DAMP HAIR otherwise  your hair would get snared when its dry and also, would take ages to dry.
Also, if your hair is naturally straight, the curls might not hold properly. You should always  put a mist of hair spray to prevent the curls from falling out gradually withing three or four hours

I would also come up with a tutorial if you want me to.


  1. i was so waiting for this post. but honestly, plz do a tutorial, so that the whole procedure can enter my head properly. :P how much are these velcroes for btw?

  2. wow, i was waiting for this post, i second kuheli, if possible a tute pls

  3. thanks..as i have silky hair i have to work little extra with these but they do add lot of volume to my hair:)

  4. nice..ya a tut wud help..

  5. velcro rollers... i've never used any sort of curling on my hair till now, but after reading this article, i feel myself weakened enough to succumb to the Mephistophelean temptation to try them at least once.
    where do i get the rollers from? what is the cost?
    and i want your impartial opinion on this - will the resultant look suit me?

  6. Hi Nivedita, amar akta proshno achey..
    Velcro te J chotto-chotto katar moto outgrowth achey, sae gulo chul-a aatkiya jaye na?
    ami normal hair rollers use kortam, rollers with cap/cover jae bolo, but 4-5hrs por jokhon rollers khultam chul akkebare dhuke jeto oe kata-r moto jinishe, tae ami cello tape lagea diyechilam rollerss-ar upore..lolz..

  7. At all the ladies, sure I would come up. The problem is I need my sister or my dad to be home so that they can click the pics for me. So please do bear with me. Its no use to do a tute without good pics.

    @ Scarlett: You can get these at new Market. I got mine from Geetanjali, the first flo0r of Treasure Island. Depending on the size a pack would set you up somewhere between 40INR to 80INr. Well, give it a try. You can figure out. :) It whould look good on you, depends on how you arrange the pieces.
    Lol. Prerana, ogulay atkayna. Otay self-grip ashe. ontoto amarto atkayni. If you pull it sideways, it would get snared, but if you unfoll in the opposite direction of your rolling in, it wont. Amarto hoyni. Cap rollergulo khub baje. dekhlei hoy kore!!!

  8. where can i get them in kolkata ?

  9. how much does it costs ?i have straight hair i would like to curl it up sometimes pls tell me the procedure


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