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Elle 18 Color Bomb Lipstick

Yes, another product from Elle 18. Elle 18 has been one of my loyal friends since I was in school. My sister was very fond of it. Alas, they have reduced the side of their nail polish bottle. I still remember how I was fond of their Jellips. I regret that those are no longer available. Snyway, lets see what I think of the new launched of the lipsticks
This is the whole thing.
price: 100 INR
Quantity: 4 ml
Ingredients: Not listed
 The shade that I have is Raspberry Ripple, which is not berry colored, but a kind of shimmery maroonish brown as far as I see.
1) The tube looks chic and is quite good. The cap does not become loose. Some have complaints regarding this, but as for me, I am just fine with it. I am fond of the girl on the tube. :P
2) Quite a large election of colors to choose from. I already have another one although I did not like its shade. But let me tell you, many of the shades have been relaunched
3) The lipsticks are quite pigmented and does a decent job for the price we ares shelling out.
4) Its not very drying,  not moisturizing though. I thought the core would be moisturizing, but it did not exactly turn out to be so.
5) It would be an understatement to say that its affordable.
6) No strong smell and the light odor vanishes withing a few minutes. So good for sensitive olfactory people.

1) Not moisturizing.
2) doesn't smell too good. Just lightly fragranced, cocoa butter smell.
3) I would have preferred more selection in peaches and corals.
4) None of the stores have the complete selection.
5) Ingredients not listed.

Finak Verdict:I have no other dislikes because for the price we pay, its a good lipstick

Shall I repurchase? I am currently on a strict no make up buiyng diet. if I am breaking that, I would. :P
Do I recommend? yes!!!Its great value for money.

Have you used this? How do you like this?

The product was sent to me by the brand/Pr for consideration. But that has not affected my review.


  1. oh!! elle18 has been my best friend during my school days!! truly great value for money!

  2. interesting shade..you're on a no buying diet for now na..it will take time for it to get over, so you can always repurchase then :)

    waise, i dont think we can ever keep these promises!!

  3. haven't used this yet. but liking the swatch. would love to giv it a shot!

  4. I have never used products from elle 18 ..... I guess I have nail colour I think looooong back nt sure... but wont buy if it aint moisturising...


  5. i have some 3-4 of these ...i wish elle 18 have some pink and peaches in them Nivedita:)

  6. @ pretty: So true. However bad the colors are, they never cease to be our friends :P
    @Debaleena you are soo right!!!! And in fact I think it would take years to finish my around 100 Lip products. So what do I do if a new shade launches? :(
    @Anju: The pocket pinch is not too great. So let me know what you think Anju. And FYI there are some pinks too. I know how you love pinks
    @ Rashmi: Please dont post links. Its ok if you are posting blog url, but I don't like links to posts since I dont have comment luv in my blog. I hope this doesnt keep you away from my blog.
    @ Anamika: They do!!! the new launch actually does have quite a few, but no single store stocks them all. :( :(

  7. elle 18 lipstick er aktai preoblem. not long-stay. jani na notun gulo better kina. ar most of the shades r frosted. :(

  8. Nivedita, I have this in pomergranate pie..Its a lovely shade. You shoudl try that shade too...

  9. @ Kuheli: Thanks definitely a con. But still they somehow stay on my lips.
    @ Prachi: Pomegranate pie is the same shade they had in Fruitopia. i has used it som uch that I'm now bored of it :P


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