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Elle 18 Lip Smoothie

Dear friends,
Today I am going to review my least liked product till date. Yes, its my least liked product. Rather, I hate only this flavour. Confused? Ok, read on.

Elle 18 had launched this range quite some time ago and I had reviewed it for a certain website, so I thought I wont review this again. But since I have been sent this product for review, I am coming up with a different article with a new set of photos . Anyway, but with use, I have learnt more about it and here it goes.

The shade I am reviewing is Vanilla Heat
Price: 85 INR
Quantity: 9 ml
Ingredient: not listed. claims to contain cocoa butter

My take:
1) Its a cute little tube which is easy to carry around. The no mess application slant tip is quire ergonomic.
2) It moisturizes my lips quite well. Normally I have to wear a coat of lip balm under my lip gloss in order to keep my super dry lips moisturized. But with this one, I can easily skip it
3) The texture is not sticky but a bit runny in a positive way.
4) It slightly tingles and my lips get plump. I think its a bit plumping. I have another flavour, Watermelon I guess, which also acts the same way. I quite like that one.
5) Its cheap. Suits every pocket, esp college going girls.

1) there were so many reasons to love the product. But the biggest and scariest turn off. In order to make it smell of  Vanilla, Elle 18 ended up making it smell of kerosene!!! YUUCK!!! When I put it on, the first time, I liked it but the smell entered my nose and I immediately wiped it off with my bath towel. Some of you, like me may like the smell of turpentine. But trust me, its not pleasant on you lips!!!

But I would say, the smell is only of this flavour. The watermelon one smells way too better than this which I actually like and is far from being repulsive like this
2) It wont last too long on your lips. But that is not a problem for me. When it wears off, it leaved your lips moisturized and for me, the fun part of a lip gloss is re application and I love to reapply.
3) Not pigmented enough to add distinct color to your lips

My verdict: I would recommend this only in other flavours and not this one. This is a good lip  gloss only if I could make the Vanilla Heat smell of water Melon or at least vanilla. If you are desperate  to try, try some other shades and you would like it. I would repurchase/gift to my friends

Have you used this products this product? What do you think of this?

The product was sent to me by the company/PR for consideration, but that has not affected my review


  1. well, i dont like gloss if they are not pigmented enough, its cheap though. thankx for the review:)

  2. I havent used this. but after reading ur review......i dont think am going to........

  3. The only thing from Elle 18 that I have heard good reviews about is the Color Bomb nail colors :)
    BTW congrats, I see 100 folowers! Keep up the good work :))

  4. Oh glad to see that not only mine smells like kerosene :)


  5. @ ginger: I'm a sucker for lip products GInger. So okay with me. You are welcome. Glad to be of help to you.
    @ Anju: Its not that bad. Only this fragrance is freaky.
    @ Uzma: I'm using their liner and I'm very happy with it. Yay!! After your comment I just noticed!!! I'll come up with a post then.
    @ Ansh: *raising my bat and turning towards the friends* yaaaaayyyy!!!!
    @ Cynthia: :) Its does smell of petrol/kerosene. Yuck!!

  6. The color looks nice though..

  7. Hi, can you pls give me the contact of the marketing / PR person at Elle 18?

  8. Hey
    I've bought two of these glosses. They're quite good, honestly. I bought the Melon and Berry flavours.
    I was quite worried about it being runny as you said it was. I am really sick of the super gummy and sticky glosses like that of Lakme. This one is just so awesome. It doesn't run over my chin at all! I think you should try the berry one it's quite yummy too ;)

  9. Thnx for the review.....was thnkin of buyin this...wont buy the vanilla one now.... :)


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