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Fiama di Wills Body Wash- Clear Springs

Fiama di Wills: Clear Springs

Summers are all about relaxing in bath-- tub, shower, bucket, whichever you prefer. For myself, I like summers because I can bathe for more than once and make most of my body washes. Well, this is one product that was there in my hoard and which I absolutely loved

There are three variants available and I got the Clear Springs which is green in color and contains tiny cute little beads.

price: 99 INR
Quantity: 200 ml ( a smaller variant is also available)

What the company claims and direction for use:

1) The smells very very good. I love orangey, citrus smell in my toiletries and it fulfills  my cravings.
2) It lathers well. I have read some bloggers did not like it because it doesnt lather well. But the water in my area is good. Neither soft, nor hard. So, it lathers well. A generous squeeze into your loofah woill give you sufficient lather for you entire body.
3) Comes cheap.
4) I like the jelly like texture and the small beads. I love the way it looks. it makes me feel good.
5) The quantity is quite reasonable and it has taken me months to finish this up even with almost regular usage.

1) It is not moisturizing and leaves the skin dry. You have to follow up with a light body lotion.
2) Although it smells beautiful in the bathroom, in fact the bathroom starts smelling good, but the perfume doesnt last on your skin. Within 5 min, the smell wears off completely.
3) The jojoba beads are not good enough I think because I dont find anything extra ordinary.

overall, I think this is a good body wash and total value for money.

Do I recommend? Yes. I do, if you are looking for a good body wash that would smell good, let you relax in your bath and yet won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Shall I repurchase? I get bored of bath products very quickly and I wanted to finish it up a long time ago, but it wont just get finished!! I would, in some other variant.

Have you used this product? how did you like it?


  1. i want a shower gel whose fragrance stays for a long long time...ny suggestions??

  2. i'll tell you a secret. i have never used a body wash. i just lather dove soap with a loofah. does the work pretty well.
    thanks for the lovely comments you always leave at my blog. always appreciate it.
    and ur a sweetheart nivedita, just read the post by bulbul that you helped her change her decision of taking a break from blogging. XOXO

  3. Oh, even I do that. But I like the beautiful colors and scents of body washes. Just a phycho thing :p your blog is very nice. I do enjoy reading it.

    I didnt do anything that great. She's exaggerating. :P

  4. Oh I found this wash rather OK..I felt it smelt rather like vim dish wash :(

    I tried one dove body wash with grapefruit I believe, and which was very creamy,with a citrus fragrance and a aroma which lingers for a while (nothing too long though)

  5. can i use it for face wash...

  6. No. Its a body wash. It would be harsh on your facial skin


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