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Giveaway in a whille

Dear friends,
recently I made 100 friends on blogspot and I am really really excited. I express my heartiest thanks to you all. I have reached this number within five months and this is my 143rd number of posts which I think is quite frequent posting for most independent bloggers.

I also do not want to make any secret of the fact, that recently I have become affiliated with Sigmabeauty, the famous brand for make up brushes. yes, the link you see at the top. Your purchase through the ad on my blog, it would generate me a little pocket money which would help my blog to do better. I decided to come clean about it as you should not be under any illusion and I do not want to keep any secret about it.
To mark my 100 followers I am going to hold a giveaway sometime soon. I wanted to do this very soon, but since my exams are coming up, I am not sure if I doing this now is a good idea. There are two options
1) I can start the giveaway and keep the time limit of a longer period to let my exams get over, or
2)you could wait still my exam finishes which would be two months from now.

Although I prefer the first option, you can even leave your opinion in the comment box.

Now, what I would be giving away is an F80 Flat top Kabuki brush which is very much loved by the beauty gurus for foundation application. for details about the product click the link here
By the end of this month I would come up with a review as well.

So, let me hear from you and once again
I am grateful to you all.



  1. wohooo! congrats..dats quite a no. of posts darling :)

  2. congrats on your 100 followers! :))

  3. @ Anshita: Thank you dear!!!! You had always been such a good friend. In fact you ponted it our to me that I had reached a 100 followers!!!
    Yoo too Bulbul. Thank you so much

  4. wow, congrats for your 100 followers :), I guess the first option would be better, more the time more the people will get chance to enter the giveaway!!

  5. sayani chatterjee28/4/11 11:39 pm

    congratulations!!! daruun khobor!

  6. congrats Nivedita....thats amazing to do so many number of posts and so many followers too :) acc to me you ahould keep the giveaway after your xams...my thot is that it might be a bot distracting...otherwise its up to you of course if you are comfortable with it :)

  7. congrats girl, and i appreciate the honesty :), way to go girl

  8. @ pretty: Ya. Even I think so. Because I have to make the entires na.
    @Ana: Thank you so much dear
    @ Shayani: Thank you
    @ Swati: Thank you so much dear. I think your opinion is wiser. But I am so impatient!! :P
    @ Bhumika: Thank you. When is your exam Bhumi?
    @ Rentu: That's a huge compliment I ever got in the blogosphere. Thank you so much

  9. Congrats on 100+ followers!! And all the best for your exams.
    My suggestion is to start the now & conclude it after your exams. This way, it will allow maximum number of people to participate.

  10. congrats!!!! and awesomeee!!! I want it. oh and all the best for your exams! :)

  11. Congrats on 100 followers..Nivedita.

  12. @ Poohkie: Nice idea. I think I would do what you suggested. Thank you so much dear.
    @ Ik: Thank you.. Thank you.. :)
    @ prachi: Thank you prachi


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