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Hey friends
a few days ago I did some shopping. I told you repeatedly that I get my sunscreen from the chemist's. But even then, I slip in a sunscreen because I stay out for long hours. So, I might need to reapply. Since lakme came up with their new range, I wanted to give it a try. I also wanted to buy a Pure Rouge blush on and some hoe never ended up buying it. When I saw our lovely Scarlett wearing this, she looked exquisite and I so loved the mild shimmery color, that I got it for myself. So here is my haul in two sections. I am also clicked the pics in secstion again, to give you a better glimpse

Lakme Suncreen SPF 30+
Lakme Sunscreen SPF 50 +++
Lakme Pure Rouge Blush on in Peachy Affair
Elle18 Color Bomb Eye sparkler in Blue Read the review here
I also got a Lakme Satin Kajal free. Yahoo!!! red the review here
Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher

None the less, Oriflame Eye Intensity pencil ( I got this quite some time ago and had quite forgotten to tell you), Oriflame Visions Nail Polish, Avon Glimmer stick Diamond in Twilight Sparkle and an Avon Nail wear pro in Midnight PLum free.

So, what do you think about my haul?


  1. wow! so much. wait n watch what I do now :P

  2. great haul! lakme sunscreen..err...kinda feeling scared...i had a terrible experience with their previous range. :P

  3. Hey Nivedita .. I am sure you gonna love midnight plum color .. I have the same and every time worn gets me lots of compliments :) nice haul

  4. Nivedita, its a nice haul, do let us know how the Lakme blush is? :)

  5. woooow great haul

    waiting for reviews now :D:D

  6. Nice haul. Swatch the blusher soon dear :D

  7. nice haul..:)how do u feel abt the lakme sunscreen??

  8. good haul...
    ah, the 'peach affair', lol, no comments on that.
    even today i used the broken one for eye-shadowing :D

    the elle18 eye sparkler sounds interesting.

  9. @ Ansh: LOl!!!! :P
    @ Kuheli: Same here. But this time PA factor is there and I need a sunscreen for emergency. So the purchase
    @ Shalini: I'm eyeing that one as well. It was not on offer. So I'll wait for it. :)
    @ Uzma: Sure. I fact I cant wait to review it!! Love it
    @ Anamika: Thank you so much dear. Did you try these? I know you had reviewed the Elle 18pencil in the same blue. :)
    @ Beauty: I would do it as soon as I can dear
    @Linhy: Thank you
    @ Zeeba: Thank you
    @ Scarlett: you made me greedy!! Wait and watch how I tempt you too!!!
    Yes, I am thinking of coming up with a quick review and swatch

  10. Won it.........



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