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Himalaya Herbals Fairness face pack

Well, to begin with, I do not believe in 'fairness products' because you really cannot cheat your genes
. A naturally dark person can never become white and I personally feel 'fairness' products are very racist and a method of marginalizing and bullying dark skinned people, another aspect of colonization. So, be proud to have what you have.
But, I have my own definition of fairness which is blemish free, tan free, bright and radiant skin which is always good to look at and makes head turn. So, I normally stay away from 'fairness' products. but when I was sent this product and decided to give it a try, it really satisfied me because it lived up to my own definition of 'fairness'.
Himalaya Herbals Fairness face Pack  

 A closer look

Price: 110 INR
Quantity: 100 gm
Ingredients: please enlarge

What it claims

It claims to be rich in antioxidant like turmeric, Aloe Vera , Walnut, kaolin etc. Please enlarge. Above all it woud lighten your skin tone by removing spots

Here is what I think of it

What I like:
1) The first and foremost, it divinely smells of sandalwood paste although it claims to have none. I love the smell like anything and keep sniffing at my fingers. You won't fail to notice it. But nothing nauseating ans smells very natural
2) It is not at all grainy. So, if you already have acne, it should not irritate them. It is smooth and creamy.
3) Brightens my face noticeably. I had an acne whose redness was greatly reduced after I had used this pack. This might be a co-incidence. But I had another little one which actually vanished. So, even though it doesn't claim so, it acts good on acne I think.
4) It doesn't make the skin dry. For oilies or combis like me you might not need a moisturizer, but dry skins might need it.
5) There is no indication of skin type. I being an oily and that it doesn't make the skin dry might makes me assume that this is good for all skin types.
6) Not pricey. Good quantity for the price and you need really a little to cover your entire face.
7) My tan was greatly reduced with two uses.
8) Comes in a tube so hygienic.

9) It is hypoallergic
10) No animal testing which makes it cruelty-free. I know you know what it means. its just a reminder

What I did not like
1) the cap is a bit too easy to open which makes it less travel friendly.

Otherwise I really like this.

Shall I (re) purchase? Yes. I am loving all the face packs from Himalaya herbals. I would use it a few more times to find out if I can officially declare this to be one of my Skin best friends.

Do I recommend? yes. It would remove the tan to a certain extent and keep it in a good condition.
I am not concerned about the fairness factor. The way they have defined how they want to help you attain the 'fairness' is close to my idea of 'fairness'. So, no issues as well

Have you used this? how did you like this?

The product was sent to me by the Company/PR for consideration. That has not affected my review. I myself do not promote 'fairness' products unless it matches with my philosophy of 'fairness'


  1. i too dont like fairness products, but i'm tempted since it worked on acnes.
    n dats becoz sandalwood is really good for acne

  2. well, cool post. I have never seen this himalaya product, wouldnt mind checking it out!

  3. hi friends!!!this pdct is amazing as i used it today and felt really good,fresh and radiant.Smells really good and spreads evenly.

  4. hey, i have tagged u. check it out

  5. Hey! Nice review. I too love Himalaya products.

  6. wow..NEVER KNEW ABOUT Himlaya fairness product.will try:)

  7. @ Anshita: Really? I'm actually very lazy. So never tried it on acnes. If these help why do so much of labour. LOL!
    Anju: Yes. Try this. Its really good
    @ beauty n Rentu: Thank you. Are you planning to try this too?
    @ Anon: Thank you for your feedback. Even I'm so loving this one and I so agree with you.

    @ Bhumika: Thank you
    @ Anju: I did. My handwriting is horrible, but its would be fun to do it. Thank you so much for tagging

  8. @ Ash89: Nice to meet you. Me becoming a complete Himalaya girl too. :P
    @ Anamika: I guess they are also updating with the Indian market about the idea of fairness. This is a new launch. Its good though

  9. Completely agree with your idea of fairness and refuse to go within a mile of any fairness product. That said, I am a huge fan of Himalaya products and their packs and masks in particular. This one sounds like a must try! :)

  10. @ bytesofbeauty: Thank you. yes, I find all of their masks very good. Would try the mud pack now. :)

  11. same here regarding the fairness definition. :) i use fairness stuff to remove tans, scars etc. this product looks great. bt i'm too lazy to apply facepack. nevertheless, i wud buy it. thanks for the review. :)

  12. Hey,

    Was actually looking up for the reviews of this product and i reached here.
    Anyway, that was a nice review will pick this up soon.

  13. sounds good. i want to know if this is suitable for oily skin with some pimples.

  14. @ Cindy: yes, it is. I myself have oily skin and pimples. It worked great

  15. yess.i like himalaya product too.i use neem face wash.i hv satisfied with this product.

  16. I have never believed in fairness products.. but yes, If it can remove the tan I'm all for it. Great review. I am sure to try this one

  17. @ Kanak: true. very few have said negative reviews about this product. It's always there on my bathroom shelf.
    @ Shruti: I agree with you. I think putting on 'fairness' tag on cosmetics is really insulting to colored women like us

  18. i dont use fairness products but would love to try this one though :) me following your lovely blog! pls do take sometime and have a look at my blog :P


  19. Do this product would work for Oily skin n pimples ? plz can u guide me .. thanks

  20. @ Anon: Yes it does. I have pretty oily skin with cne. Methodical use had helped me a lot. You can safely try it. But mind the tingling ( burning in my case) sensation

  21. Hi Nivedita, i am new at this beauty blog thing, but I've found your blog deadly useful. I have sensitive acneprone skin tends to oily. I am in search for a good sunscreen though, which protects my skin without leaving a white cast. I am now off to buy this face pack. I am already using himalaya neem face wash & the face pack. Both are working fine with me. PHEW, i've written quite a bit hee hee...So untill later :)

  22. Wow. Thats great to learn. I am a hard core Himalaya fan now. yes, this is quite nice. so, let me know how this fares.
    Hey! I don;t mind you writing a 'lot'. In fact I quite love to hear what my blogger friends have to say :) So, get back when you can and we'll have a chat for sure

  23. hey im new on dus blog and i need ur help does himalaya fairness face pack burns 4 5min after applying pls let me knw bcoz i have a dry skin and want 2 try dis product rply pls

  24. pls nivedita rply as soon as possible waiting 4 ur rply

  25. can i use dis on my neck hands because they are also tanned
    pls suggest me..

  26. i used himalaya neem face pack for the first time and after washing it i felt very itching... is dis happens?

    1. @ Anon: Sorry for the delayed response. Normally my skin not only tingles but feels like it's burning. But you should not experience that sensation after using it. Since this is not the post
      deepu: the tingling sensation should not persist after washing it off. I would suggest you to discontinue it. The fairness pack does not cause any tingling sensation to me, so I think it might be just fine. Why don't you try the Vedic line payapa mask. it's really good. You should be able to find the review here itself

  27. This is nice post which I was awaiting for such an article and I have gained some useful information from this site. Thanks for sharing this information.


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