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Himalaya Herbals Kajal

As you know I had received quite a few products from Himalaya, I would be reviewing them subsequently. I am taking my time because I wanted to ensure that I really understand the product well before I give my opinion to you. There is no point in reviewing a product if I have not used it properly enough. Hence the delay. Ah yes! I am back with Himalaya and this is their kajal
Himalaya Harbals Kajal

What the brand says and composition , and price. lets check
Himalaya Herbals Kajal claims
Himalaya Herbals Kajal claims    

Himalaya Herbals Kajal claims, composition

So far, these are the claims which looks promising.
Price and Quantity: 2.7 gm for 110INR

What I experienced with this

1) It is highly pigmented. Its darkest dark just like traditional kajals. it is glossy black kajal which reminds me of Lakme Black Satin Kajal. Only a little less pricey. for review click here
2) The quantity is quite  good. It would take me a long time to finish it.
3) I like the concept of packaging which is hygienic. A tube and the cone of the product ensures that you wont have to touch it with hand. the green packaging looks quite attractive to me.
3) The cap is tight. So you can carry it around.
4) Its cheap.
5) Its herbal and did not irritate my eyes even when I wore it on my waterline throughout the day.
60 smells herbal minus the smell of camphor.

Himalaya Herbals Kajal Swatch

See, a gentle swipe and its so intense and glossy black.

Note the tip when fully closed

Now what I did not like

1) The packaging. The container feels a bit flimsy. had it been a bit sturdier, it would have been very easy to carry it around.
2) I don't like kajal because they smudge and this one is no exception. I wore it all day in summer heat and stayed outdoors for hours and it did smudge but it did not 'melt'. So , I would dare to put it on every now and then when I go out. but it does smudge like regular home made kajals. But I like it better than Lakme Black Satin kajal in terms of smudgeability.
3) I have another issue with the packaging which is, even when you twist it completely inside, a big portion of the tip remains outside. this although looks cute, is not a good thing because, while closing, there is a high chance that if you are not careful you would break the tip with the lid. every time I close it, I have to be extra careful.
4) Some may not like the herbal smell of it. It smells of home made kajals. I little bit smell of camphors would have done good.

My verdict: This is a good kajal if you are looking for kajals and not liners.

Do I recommend? If you like kajals, you would like this. but if you are afraid of smudges, you wont.

Shall I repurchase? No. I am not a kajal person as they smudge unless I lock them with a liquid liner. I don't purchase kajals, yet I always have them in my collection some how or other.

last but not the least, I wanted to show you how it looks

Himalaya Herbals Kajal

Himalaya Herbals Kajal
I am wearing nothing but the kajal on my eyes because I wanted to show you just how the kajal looks like.

Have you used this? What do you think of the product? I would be glad to know

The product was sent to me by the PR/Company for consideration. but, if you have noticed, this has not affected my opinion


  1. i have to buy this. i'm bored using the lakme kajal. and i love herbal products. kintu upper lash line e lagale eta smudge kore jaye na? staying power keomon?

  2. Wow that looks really glossy!

  3. I have used this kajal, it smudges super crazy on me but i love the pigmentation!

  4. emni kajl jemon temon. Alada kichhu noy. Thithak emni kajale jemon hoy ar ki dont likes ei point 2 ta dekh
    @ ash89: yeah. I was pretty surprised at the glossiness. Didnt expect that

    @ Anju: "superlike' your comment. but it did not smudge that bad. Just as crazy as regular kajals.

  5. i love ds kajal..hv used it and now tempted again..dont care about smudging!!

  6. sayani chatterjee12/4/11 12:54 pm

    ami toh Lotus Herbals er ta use kori...besh bhalo.Any idea how this wud turn up against the Lotus one?

  7. @ Anshta: Lol. How does it stay on you? It stayed on but smudged like regluar ones one me.
    @ sayani: No clue. let me no how this fares against this?

  8. all kajals smudge n dats der main problem :(
    I use lotus..dats nice too..
    nice review..

  9. it looks very nice,i just wish it's not shiny,i hate that about most of the eye liners..i wnat a completely dry line.

  10. nice review. I had a shahnaz kajal, wasnt v smooth.
    btw have tagged you for a handwriting tag. hope you would do it :)

  11. btw, those hawkers you were talking about, are they there at gariahat too??

  12. ei toke tag korechi. amar blog post ta dekhis. :D

  13. I love Kajals..... and I really liked dark black tone of this one...but one problem I face with such kajals (cone shaped ones..i used Lotus before), is that after after a few days the cone becomes blunt and one can't sharpen it...so drawing a thin line becomes very difficult.

  14. @ Bhumika: So true!!! Thank you. Where have you been btw?
    @@ Jardelle: I prefer glossy ones. Why almost all liquid liners are matte looking. Do you use liquids?
    @ Debaleena: Sure I would be doing it. I would come up with my horrible hndwriting so just wait!!! :P
    yes, the hawkers I'm talking about are at our beloved Gariahat too. :P
    @ Kuheli: Ami korbo. Koydin ektu byasto achhi.
    @ Shiny: buy an eye brush. That would solve the proble. Even I used to wonder what to do once the cone becomes stubby and its as you said, is difficult to draw a fine line then.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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