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Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub

Hi. this my second review of the posts I wanted to come up with. Some of you showed interest in the scrub. Having used it a few times, I finally decided to come up with it. You know, I told you repeatedly, that my skin simply revolts at scrubs. I was pretty apprehensive about using this scrub as well. At last I squeezed a tiny amount out, and here is my experience
Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub

Price and Quantity: 115 INR for 100 gm
Shelf-life: 36 months from Manufacture

Composition Take a look
Composition of Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub

What the brand claims? Again, take a look for yourself

My take:
 The product comes in a kind of semi cream-gel base with granules suspended in it . Unlike other scrubs, the granules are not at all scratchy and are round and thus mild on the skin. Since , they are not sharp, your skin would not get scratched. It is the only scrub that my skin liked and I am delighted to have come across this.
For best results, follow it up with the  Himalaya Herbals Neem face pack

The pros
1) Obviously the fact that the granules are mild and spherical and not at all scratchy. It did not irritate my skin, no scratches, no infections , yet left my skin squeaky clean.
2) It contains anti-bacterial properties which slows down the recurrence of pimples.
3) I love the look of the granules. They look yummy. I like using products that look good too. The granules are white and green.
4) It is herbal. but I wouldn't care if it was not as long as it works on me.
5) It really smells of Neem and that has convinced me it might contain Neem leaves. In fact, I am still wondering if the greenish component which looks like ground Neem leaves is real Neem leaves.
6) It comes in a flipflop capped tube which makes this easier to use.
7) The tube makes it hygienic. No messiness. The body is sturdy enough not to burst and the cap tight enough not to spill.
Himalaya Purifying Neem scrub-the product

The Cons
I really find no cons with this product. Still, if these are to be called cons
1) It stings a lot. a bit touched my eye lids and I had to wipe it off with a towel. This might be a con for some. but tingling or stinging is a common issue with Himalaya Herbals Fruit Face Pack and Neem Face Pack. So, this is not surprising to me. It rather pacifies me with the idea that the product is actually workinf on my skin. LOL!!!
2) The cap might not turn out to be travel friendly. But then, since the product is not runny, I have to squeeze a bit hard to take it out. So, unless you are sitting or jumping on the tube, it should not be a trouble.

I  declare this to be my HG scrub since this is the only scrub which I found to be so gentle and friendly to my rebellious skin.
Do I recommend? Oh YES! Absolutely
Shall I (re) purchase? Yes. I would definitely.

Have you used this? What is your experience with this? Please share. I would love to hear from you

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me by the Company/PR for consideration. But that has not affected my opinion.


  1. i have not tried the scrub. but i did try their face wash. it was OK for me. will check this out. good review

  2. Thanks for the review <3 I'm gonna use this for the first time and wanted to know if it's good..great review :D

  3. wonderful product dear. i'm glad it is working so well for you. i'll check it out as soon as i can :D

  4. oh good..i trust u blindly d himalaya ;)

  5. @ Anju: Products dont work the same way on all skin. But this scrub is really worth the try
    @ Raksha: Hope it works for you

  6. @ Scarlett: Yes it is. I do strongly recommend for you too. Worth checking it out
    @ Anshita: Thank you so much dear. You can at least for the products I claim to. My opinions are honest under all circumstances

  7. I like Himalaya face wash n face pack..wud try this too..nice review..

  8. scrub has always been the most important member in my skincare regime. i shall buy this one definitely once i finish my current scrub. :)

  9. @ Bhumika: IOts good. Worth trying.
    @ Kuheli: If you love scrubs so much, I'm sure you would love this one too. Keep this in your shopping list

  10. Have been using the "Everyouth Walnut & Peach Scrub". I earlier tried the Himalaya Walnut scrub. It was blended on a thick creamy base which smelled bad after months. Also, I couldn't finish it up! Trying every product of Himalaya screws me now! ... :)

  11. you could use it up as a foot scrub, on elbows and knees and other rough skin. if it smells bad, it would be better to ditch it completely. But you can try this one. I have always been intimidated by scrubs and my skin hates them. but this one is a complete hit

  12. its working. relief soon fron blackheads


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