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Lakme Botanica Eye Color Quartet

Dear friends,
I had received a few Lakme products some time ago. I want to start off with the product I loved the best. Yes, the eye shadow. I am fascinated with eye shadows these days, because of the colors. Basically I love make up because they are colorful and I love the whole ritual of putting on make up/taking them off. I was delighted to have received this particular item from the whole range.
Price: 425 INR
Quantity: 7gm ( quite an amount I say)
Shelf life: 2 years ( thats bad, I dont think I would be able to finish it up in 2 years)

what the company says? lets take a look
Ingredients: Not listed
Now, the little box
The swatches
Lakme Botanica Eye Color Quartet : Swatches
On my hand without a base
What I think of it

Its a versatile Quad. The lightest is a milky brownish champagne, good for highlighting the brow bone.
The green is a lime green and is pigmented.
The best pigmented are the darkest shades. One is a dark dark brown and the other a purple with tinges of burgundy.

I mostly like the quartet. the reasons are not hard to find
1) The colors are versatile and lovely and can be combined for both party wear or everyday wear.
2) the texture is kind of creamy powderish which i find very convenient because, every time a dip my brush, the powders dont fly all around and sticks to the brush, ensuring minimum fall out during application . Also, I wont have to go over and over to collect color. It also ensures that I can pack up on colors with much ease.
3) Blends easily.
4) Even without an eye base, it stays out for impressive period of time. Expect it to stay put for at least 6 hours without creasing or fading even in summer, provided you blend it well.

What more do I expect from an Eye-shadow?

1) Pricey.
2) The green color is a strict no-no for office wear because its a green with hints of lime. But good for parties though.
3) Ingredient list not there which I absolutely dislike.

What do you think of this? Please share your opinion with me

The products were sent to me by the brand for consideration. But that has not affected my opinion


  1. Nivedita, I like the second & third shade :)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. lovely shades..love d green one..n congrats :)

  4. i am actually liking the green color, ya i know, its no office wear, but it sure looks damn pretty and all the colors look so pigmented!!!!

  5. @Uz: Thank you. The shades are so wearable.
    @ Raksha: Thank you
    @ Prutha: Silver??
    @ Anshita: Thank you. The green is so off beat
    @ Bhumika: Thank you
    @ Anju: The colors are as you said 'damn pigmented' and I tried wearing them with a professional brush and it worked wonders. these days I'm also realizing the imporatanc eof brushes. I'm goin through 'brush phase' of my make up life' ;P

  6. liked the green shade. :)

  7. this is my favourite quad :)

  8. @ Kuheli: The green is indeed beautiful, although I'm not too comfortable with it, its not OTT either
    @ mermaidbidisha: Glad to know. Which color do you prefer the most?


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