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Makari de Suisse - Clarifying Exfolatint Antisceptic Soap

This is high time that I review the soap from Makari. I know, I put up the preview only a few days ago, but I had actually received it earlier and have been using it since then. I noticed certain things, so I though its time that I tell you all about it.

Price and quantity: 800 INR for 200 gm bar of soap. ( ouch!! that's pricey)

Ingredients:  Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate,Aqua, Glycerin,Mulberry ( Morus Alba) Root Extract,Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Acid,Triclocarban, Parfum ( Fragrance), Sodium Chloride,Prunus  Armeniaca( Apricot) kernel Extract,Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate

What the Company Claims:
with pure natural agent, the 'triple action soap' ensures the complexion you were waiting for.

Clarifying, exfoliating, antiseptic soap

In order to test this, I tried this on my face only and now what I like and dislike

1) It is mild and did not break me out.
2) I had teeny weeny white heards on my nose, they all vanished in three or four days without giving me infections.
3) Smells good.
4) Lathers well. I wet my face and very gently swirl it across my face and then i lather up by rubbing my wet palm ans I get sufficient lather to works upon my whole face.
5) My acne which were there embedded in my skin which felt like little bumps inside my skin has almost disappeared and greatly reduced.
6) The grains are seed like roundish and doesn't scratch the skin.
7) My skin feels squeaky soft afterward.
8) Sounds weird, I like the hexagonal shape which makes it ergonomic
9)I had a little infection which I had got by accidentally scrathing an ance. The infection was cured withing 2 days.

1) The price oh the price!!! its too expensive for a soap bar.
2) The grains are hard and might scratch if you already have pimples. You have to be careful otherwise it might be abrasive to your skin.
3) I did not notice any clarifying action on the skin.

Verdict: Its a good soap for facial skin.

Shall I repurchase? I would like to but the price *sigh*

Do I recommend? Yes. but keep in mind, it has no clarifying action as I noticed.

Have you used this? what do you think of this?

The product was sent to me by the brand for consideration. But this has not affected my opinion. The product shown is a sample


  1. baap re! 800 taka'r saban!!!!! amar himalaya, vlcc scrub beche thak. :P

  2. wow...sounds great nivedita!!

  3. i haven't used any of their products. but they sure seem OK

  4. me too using this...but the granules are a bit scratchy from me in the soap but once they come into the hands, they are not scratchy at all and yup even me using for face only....squeaky clean and soft!!!!doesn't dry the skin....

  5. Nivedita.....could not go beyond the price !!! but the product sure seems good....i mean anything even remotely anti-acne and i get excited !!

  6. hello nivedita.....achha makari products ki online order korechhile....ektu janao plzz....i wud like to try certain stuff from their line....luv....amrita

  7. @Kuheli: :P its so pricey!!!
    @ Raksha: Its really good dear
    @ Anju: They are good, but for the price.
    @ Swati: Nice to know your opinion. I usually follow up with a moisturizer.
    @ Shiny: Same here. I so agree with you
    @ mixedfruitjuice: I got the samples from makari for review. You can order it online. Please check around the bottom of the post, there is a link attached

  8. I felt the granules scratchy wen used directly on skin..so I lather up on hand..bt I feel my skin a little dry later..


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