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The Nature's Co-- A preview

Two days ago, my door bell rang and lo!!! I was delighted to find that a parcel was awaiting me!!! I quickly signed off the paper and the whole pack was smelling irresistible. Even my hand became perfumed even after I only held it. . When I opened it, this bag was tightly wrapped with cellophane
It was Nature's Co!!!! There were two products inside. A White Lily Ricemilk Soap and  Rose Mary Sage Thyme Hair Oil.
The Soap was beautifully  and stylishly packed in a paper envelope and then bound with a beautiful handkerchief and the oil was nicely packed.
No, I wont tell you about this anymore. I would come up with reviews eventually. So, here are the goodies

Water Lily Rice Milk Soap
Water Lily Rice Milk Soap

And the Hair Oil

Rosemary Sage Thyme Hairloss Oil

So, the sneak peak ends here. Hold your breath for the reviews

Disclosure: The products were sent to me by the Company/PR for consederation


  1. these r so nicely packed!!

  2. wow..cant wait for the reviews.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Love the packaging on both of them! Have fun with your goodies, hun! xoxo

  5. congrats Nivedita! hair oil review'r jonno wait kore roilam. :))

  6. lucky girl nivedita......reviews please!!! soon!!

  7. @ Ansh: Thats what even I noticed. The jute bag is eco friendly.
    @ Ginger: I would come up soon
    @ Sonali: Thanks girl. The packaging is so off beat. I love that most about it.
    @ Kuheli: I would come up with a review soon dear.
    Bhumi: Thank you
    @ Shivani: Sure. I would love to. :) :)

  8. Whoa!!..Nice packing..Definitely u r lucky!!...Awaiting review!!


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