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Oriflame Pure Color Nail Paint NOTD and Review

This one is actually my sister's. She has been looking for a rick red nail paint for long. So, when I located the nail paint in my Oriflame Rep living next door, I got hold of it and she loved it. I was already wearing Street Weat lor rich nail paint which needed touch up. My sister, never mind, put on two coats of it on top of that and this is what I got.

Btw, I Flaunting :P rather trying to flaunt my attempt at posing my hand with the nail polish bottle in my hand

Forgive my clumsy application as always. What I'm wearing is , two coats of Streetwear nail paint in red, and two coats of Oriflame nail paint in red. Well, the base red did not alter the true color. This is actually yhe true color of the paint., Now my review,

Price:  150 INR
Quanity: 8 ml
Brush: good
Ingredients: Not listed

Now, what I like
1) It lasted long on my nails. May be the previous base helped because , on my sister's hand it started chipping on the next day. But on my hand, it stated kind of wearing off from the top after about a week. so, long lasting that way ( for me).
2) I like the cute bottle. The brush is quite good for application.
3) I love the deep red color. There are other shades available as well.
4) it sets into  glossy finish which I look for in a nail polish.

Well, this is enough to like it.

What I did not like
1) Its pricier than Lakme, or Revlon I think. At this price, I could have bought Revlon in fire and Ice and the like.
2) Did not last long on my sis's hands. Since, I had already a base, it worked, but that doesn't mean it is a long lasting one.
3) The ingredient list is not there.
4) From the smell, it may contain toluene.

Shall I repurchase? No. I would try other shades. Wont spend so much for the same again Besides, I am not a big fan of nail polish because I can not maintain properly.

Do I recommend? If you love reds, you would certainly love this. If you don,t , I wont recommend this to you.

Have you used this ? What do you think of it?


  1. u have got beautiful nails!!

  2. Love your nails!! Pretty color <3

  3. the red looks just va va voom on ur nails!!!

  4. @ Sumitha: Thank you so much dear.
    @ Beauty: Thank you
    @ Raksha: Thank you. I love the color only
    @ Anju: :P I really feel so flattered!! :P Thanks you so much for the compliment
    @ Bhumika: Yes. The best thing about it

  5. Nivedita, you have beautiful hands, that's the reason the red color is looking awesome :)

  6. OMG Uzma. You made my day!!! thank you so much

  7. o love the red.. been wanting to venture into red nailpaint territory , so far been devoted red lippies and neutral nails

  8. d color looks so pretty on u yaar

  9. I hv this nail paint in purple pink shade & I find it very fluorescent & tacky kind of shade. I dont like it & neither does it suit my medium complexion.
    And I also dont like d finish of this nail polish. Its not that glossy & classy like Lakme true wear. I really like their finish. This one is kind of streaky in look.
    Also, d shade is not what it says or appears in d catalogue. Its bright pink, no purple tone.

    But I solved that problem. I hv a nail paint in light blue shade from Revlon which I got free with 2 other shades that I bought & it was lying unused. I applied a coat of that on this purple pink shade & wow! it gives d true purple pink shade that u see in d catalogue. It looks double shaded & nice & everybody liked it that way :) Me happy coz now I can use both my unused nail paints :)

    1. :D I think the products from these brands are inconsistent. I have a ouple of shades from von which just refuse to dry. But many of my blogger friends just love it.
      I myself love Lakme True wear nail polishes. Any time!


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