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Revlon Colorstay Eye shadow

well, I was pointed out by a secret reader of mine that I had never written about Revlon so far. It was a pure co incidence that I was actually thinking of coming up with this brand. I had almost forgotten that I do have these until a few days ago. So, I took them out and clicked the photos and lo! received the mail yesterday. :P

Well, this is going to be about one of my favourite make up item which is eye-shadow, which is at the same time, my least worn make up item. because most of the time I am on the run and so, I just rub on a bit of colored liner, mascara, a little kajal altogether 3 minutes max, and run out. so, here is what it is about. i have only two quads
This is how the box looks. I had got these when my sister picked up these from UK when she was living over there.
Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow    

And the other one,
What the company claims: 
* Looks freshly applied for up to 12 hours

Ingredients: I haven't clicked the composition and my eye is not goof enough to go through the wee sized letters. I would out up the picture again if you want. So do let me know if you want it.

Price: In India its priced somewhere around 650 INR
Quantity: 4.8 gm which is a good amount for eye make up

now, what I like and dislike:

1) It is very good in pigmentation. One swipe is enough to give you a good amount of color even without any eye base. I mostly wear them without any eye primer ( the branded ones of course) and yet it lasts long.
2) The smokey quad is so lovely and perfect for the smokey look. You can achieve that look very effortlessly. The berry one is very nice . I think pink/berry eyes are not al all good girl colors, rhater they are the typical cool and funky. perhaps, may be because I'm not that cool with pinks. but both the quads are quite versatile.
3) The quantity is good and lasts long. mine are more than two years old.
4) The box is sturdy and easy to carry around
5) The applicator for crease application is very handy

1) The rpice is a bit steep for many ( even for me), but then, the quality is too good.
2) The applicators are not good and the sponge comes loose and becomes torn.

The swatches

Without any base
Without any base
Above all, I like the product.

Shall I repurchase?  yes. but in other colors

Do I recommend? If you  are looking for a good eye shadow, this is the one for you. But if you are a newbie in make up, practice with Maybelline quad.

How do you like it?


  1. the colors are soo pretty!
    n i came to tell u dat i gave u an award..but u already know it!

  2. :P. I would do the post at night dear. :p

  3. pigmentation is very good. love the matte blue and purple shades. :)

  4. Like the second one, it's very girly :)

  5. Nice review. I got the pink quad.

  6. Nice palettes!I really like the colors!xoxo

  7. @ Kuheli: I wish they had a paletter of bright colors like blue, purple etc. I wouldn't have had to get them separately then.:(
    @ Uzma: yeah. but I find pinks very difficult to carry. but as you said, so girly!!
    @ Beauty: thank you. How do you like it?
    @ Bhumi: Thank you
    @ Sonali: Thank you. They are a treat!!!


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