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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip gloss In Coffee Bean
 This baby has been there in my collection for quite along time. I am really bored of it now. So, I switched on to other glosses. I though its a good idea to come up with a review of it. What do you think?

The shade is Coffee Bean which is light brown shade with finely milled shimmers in it '

Price: 430 INR approx
Quantity: 8ml
Ingredients: Not listed.
I wont talk about it much because I am so bored of constantly using it, i don't want to blabber on. I would rather get into it straightaway
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip gloss In Coffee Bean : The applicator

1) Although it is pricey, a bottle would really last long. As you see, I am literally bored of using it, still I have finished only half of it.
2) Unlike most glosses, it moisturizes the lips and doesn't dry them up. My lips get plumped up and the gloss stays put for quite some time even with eating and drinking..
3) Even without  a base it stays on for quite sometime.
4) I dont know if I should put this option is the pro. but I like its thick texture which makes it stay on the lips for a longer period of time and I like the feel of it on my lips. It gives me an assurance that its there. Also, a thicker texture ensures that the gloss stays put for a loner period of time. Most of you may not like it.
5) It has a doefoot applicator. I prefer does foot applicators more than brushes, because it helps me tp put it on easily and makes it look more natural.
6) The packaging in quite sturdy. The bottle is good to hold and does not leak unlike Lakme glosses even when stored athwart . It also looks classy .
7) There is no strong fragrance which would be good for those of you who have issues about this one.

1) The price is a bit steep. We have more options for glosses at much lower price and their quiality is also quite good.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip gloss In Coffee Bean
 In the picture I am wearing only the lipgloss to show you how it looks on the lips

Shall I repurchase? Yes. I might in some other shade. I dont know what I was thikning that I got this in brown.
Do I recommend? Going by the quality, yes.

Have you used this products? What do you think of it?


  1. looks good..i'm not a fan of browns..so wud get some other color

  2. doefoot is a must..sounds nice..

  3. loooove itttttt!!

  4. it's a bit pricey. bt ur lips look so sexy! ;-) the shade is quite nice too.

  5. it is looking damn sexy girl..

  6. I am having same thing!!..But as you said really getting bored of it!! I think 1.5 yr back i bought it!!

  7. ohh I too have got the same shade! I always carry it in my travel bag, love the color on you, hun! xoxo

  8. @ Ansh: Same here. I dont know what I was thinking. Browns are my least favoured colors. :(
    @ Debaleena: True. I so dislike brush on lip glosses!!!
    @ Raksha: Thank you dear.
    @ Rashmi: Try to grab a shade. You wont be disappointed trust me.
    @ :P Thank you Kuheli. Yes. It is a bit on the steeper side, rather for me quite steep. :)
    @ Anu: Thank you so much. not better than your eye make ups. :) :)
    @ Gemini: thats great. Same pinch!! True. I wonder why the brands dont make smaller bottles and less pricey ie the quantity proportionate to price. That way we could but more tubes ans use more colors. :P
    @ Sonali: Thank s girl. Its so travel friendly too. It sure looks great on you

  9. m yet to try this range..d color looks nice on u..

  10. It looks fab on you Nivedita!!!! I would never have looked at it earlier! but after seeing your picture, I WANT IT!!!!! :D


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